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Non mp3 tagger issues

Started by Diakatarnis, December 10, 2010, 06:51:18 PM

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Hi There, I'm just geting used to this software and so far i have the music side sorted \o/ i've started doing the videos, but have no idea how to work this non mp3 tagger software.

All the videos are in a single folder and follow the naming sequence of:


how do i get the software to make tags with to correct info in?

Many thanks


Try putting that in the box under get info from name...


That should do it.
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Thats what i thought, but it doesnt seem to work .... it just sticks all the info in the last %line


ok, i sorted a little out, i managed to get the tags to populate by replacing the _ with - but now, the e config util just puts all the videos into 1 folder :( so when i  load the program everything is under that 1 folder :\


Thats because thats how your directory is sorted. you said above that all your videos are in a single folder. To do it properly each video should be in it's own artist folder just like the audio files.


c:\Videos\ACDC\back in black.mpg
             \Midnight Oil\Beds Are Burning.wmv