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E-Touch Download Song or Album Tutorial

Started by fordman, February 26, 2010, 06:54:59 PM

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Make sure the path and folder names are correct.
i.e : the bat files says \e-touch jukebox\ and yours could be \e-touch jukebox 8\

if folders names then the bat file will not work.


I'll check that tonight, certainly could be the culprit.


No dice. Still saving in download folder instead of USB. This is my download_b saved in the E-Jukebox 8 folder:

@echo off
erase "F:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\download\download.bat"
xcopy /Y "F:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\download\*.*" /S /E "G:\"
pushd F:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\
del /q download /S
rd /q download /S
md Download
copy "Download_C.bat" "F:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\download\Download.bat"

Here is download_c saved in the same folder:

call "F:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\Download_B.bat"

Here is download saved under E-Touch Jukebox 8 ->download:

call "f:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 8\download_B.bat"

I am open to any advice at this point. I'm at the point in construction of the box where I need to add a USB port if I'm going to do it. This will be a major factor in that decision. Thanks guys!


Try this for Download_B.bat (this was an option I gave before)

@echo off
erase "F:\program files\e-touch jukebox 8\download\download.bat"
xcopy /Y "F:\program files\e-touch jukebox 8\download\*.*" /S /E "G:\"
pushd F:\program files\e-touch Jukebox 8\Download
@echo off
pushd %1
del /q *.*
for /f "Tokens=*" %%G in ('dir /B') do rd /s /q "%%G"
pushd F:\program files\e-touch jukebox 8\
copy "Download_C.bat" "F:\program files\e-touch jukebox 8\download\Download.bat"

Remember : You have to have /Download/download.bat  before dowloading song, otherwise download _B.bat won't be invoked neither Download_C.bat

Good Luck!


Donwload_c doesn't have the right paths in so i would assume there is no download.bat either.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Fixed it. Really stupid error. My F: drive doesn't have a 'Programs' folder. All I had to do was change the paths to f: -> E-Touch Jukebox 8 and boom. My wife will be able to put songs on her USB without my help.