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Drummania (Rockband) fans, here is the link to the program

Started by eist1, May 16, 2008, 09:34:02 PM

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It's called DTXMania, based on the arcade game Drummania in the downloads section there are the links for the download of all of the Rockband songs (and all of the official Drummania songs). But to get the Rockband songs to work you need a newer version of DTXMania (67) so here is the link to the updated DTXMania then you just need to go to the gdamania website and download all of the Rockband songs and you are good to go. DTXMania is compatible with any MIDI electronic drumset (has 8 pads cymbals and drums, so more than the actual Rockband drumset) but the Rockband drumset can be used. This is also compatible with up to 2 guitars while also using the drums. Pretty cool, I've been looking for a drum game...