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HOW TO: Collections and Custom Random Songs

Started by Barcrest, October 20, 2013, 12:55:27 PM

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One of the little used tools is the CVR creator. You can use this to create a specific collection of albums based on certain criteria.

Open up the tool and you will see a full list of your albums for the selected DB, either AUDIO,VIDEO or KARAOKE.

At the top there are 2 boxes for a start and end year, this filter is used with the copy artist and genre buttons. Click on an album with a required genre such as rock, then specify the start year to 1990 and the end year to 1999 then use copy genre. You will now have all your 90's rock, you can save this CVR in the collections folder and then set this as the random play source to have your jukebox only play 90's rock.

There are more ways you can mix and match albums with this tool to pretty quickly create tailored CVR files for theme nights etc if you only want 70's disco or 80's chart etc... It does depend somewhat on your tags being correct but is quite a handy tool. These collections can also be filtered on via the collections button and will display an image based on the CVR filename to allow users to browse specific collections.
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I just used Genres for Random mode as I'm a stickler for tagging my collection. I didn't know you could do this though so I'm going to check it out.



It does allow you to have a more tailored random play.
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l am new to this website and I was wondering how do I get the music I want?

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You can either download videos from youtube or you can copy all your cd's to hard drive.
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