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How to make a PLAYLIST with E-Touch

Started by fordman, May 14, 2009, 04:57:21 AM

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How to make a 'Playlist' With E-Touch

Playlists are easy to create.  ;D You know your having parties and you have certain songs that are going to be played. Instead of selecting the individual songs every time you have a party, you can create a 'Playlist'.

The instructions are BELOW each graphic.

Select your album of choice. Here we select Masters of Metal

You can choose 'ADD ALL TO PLAYLIST' or we can select a single song.
We select 'Scorpions - Big City Nights'

For this tutorial we select 'Scorpions - Big City Nights' 'ADD TO PLAYLIST'.

After we have added the song to our 'Playlist' we then are taken back to the song selection screen. We then hit the 'Back' button in the upper left corner to the main screen. This is the default way to get back to the Main Screen.

NOTE: In the 'Options' > 'General Settings' ; Track Display Options, you can use the 'Auto Back on Selection' feaure that will skip the previous step and take you back to the Main Selection screen after you hit the 'ADD TO PLAYLIST' button.

We select a few more songs the same way in the last few graphics. After you have made your choices, half way down on the left, you have a 'PLAYLIST' Button, hit that.

Now you see all the songs you have selected. On the left side you see  you have four choices. Select 'Save Playlist'.

Now use the On-Screen keyboard to type in the name of the Playlist.

This one is called 'Rock Mix. In the upper Right corner there is a 'SAVE PLAYLIST' Button. Hit that.

After you save the Playlist, you will then see the Playlist again.
To Load a Playlist, hit the 'LOAD PLAYLIST' button on the left.

Select the Playlist you want to load.

After it loads, you can choose on the left to 'Clear Playlist' (which just removes the current playlist, but doesnt erase it from your hard drive. You can re-load it again. Also you can 'ADD ALL TO QUEUE' and does what it says.

You can have as many 'Playlist's as you feel you need.

Simple and basic, but worth it if you have lots of parties or you like to hear specific songs everyday. With a Playlist, you just load the playlist, add to the Queue and enjoy!

I hope this help those who didnt know how to use or make a Playlist.  :beer



NOTE: On the step where you select add to playlist, you will only be taken back to the tracklist if you have the default settings. Personally i like to use the option 'Auto Back On Selection' which if turned on would have taken you straight to the album cover view screen after selecting a track and clicking Add to Playlist.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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I also have the 'Auto Back' selected on my jukebox, but for a basic tutorial, I just went with the defaults.

I also added a 'How To' make the 'Auto Back on Selection' work.




Very good tutorials.  Thanks for your efforts.  Regarding Playlists, I started making them.  Now I am trying to find a way to manipulate saved play lists, ie..  Delete a song, or move a song up or down in the Play list.



Close E-Touch. Goto where you installed it to. You will find a folder named Playlists. It will have <whatever name>.m3u file.

Dont open it with Media Player or WinAmp, choose 'Notepad' to open with and edit away!

Then save it, but not as a .txt file. Choose All Files, then save it as the .m3u file.




This is great. I have been playing with setting up a few playlists.
Haven't gotten any answers yet to my posts about the ability to manipulate a saved play list. I may have a Playlist w/ 200 songs and may want to move a few up and move one down and even delete a few selections from the list. I also was looking for a move to top and move to bottom of Playlist function for moving songs in the Playlist.

I know we can do that when they are in the queue, but by having the same functionality in the Playlist screen, once you save your chamges, you don't need to redo them each time.


You should be able to manipulate the playlist as shown in the post above your last one!

But I think your wanting something that is within E-Touch and I dont think that is available.

Why couldnt you just make separate but similar playlists?

Playlist 1: Classic Rock/Heavy Metal/Alternative

Playlist 2: Classic Rock/Heavy Metal

Playlist 3: Alternative/Heavy Metal

and so on and so on.........




I used note pad and manipulated things.  It works. I also copied a Playlist file from my other juke to this one to help from recreating it. That sure saves a lot of work.

I am hoping Barry could put the Move Up / Move DOwn / Remove buttons in the Playlist screen , just as they are in the Queue screens..

Thanks again Fordman.