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Manual for Karaoke?

Started by coffee, May 20, 2007, 03:27:22 PM

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Yes that is the next thing I have to sort out so you can expect a few more posts from me on this issue.
I'm just glad it is working now and I am very impressed. You have to remember that I have not previously worked with Karaoke at all so it is all new to me.

Big smile    ;D


Karaoke is somewhere i have quite a lot of use of having run hosted them in bars for years. Give me a shout should you need any help.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Hi Barry

I got to the stage Netcat's refering to. "The Mic Inputs" I saw what he was talking about and I will second the motion to let Freebox turn on the mic when a karaoke song is selected. I don't understand what this "proggy" is that Netcat is talking about. Can you PLEASE put this in your "to do list" PLEASE.
I will gladly donate for this feature because I feel it is very important.



Let me explain.

The VB library Barcrest used to turn on and off the Microphone, apparently doesnt identify the MICROPHONE line on all machines the same, therefore although when he was testing it the MIC mute option would properly turn on and off on his machine it would not on mine.

To circumvent this problem I had another friend of mine create a stand alone utility that when run identifies & enumerates all the audio input output devices on your particular computer.

once the application has properly identified & enumarated your devices you can use this same utility to put any one of these lines in a state of MUTE/ON or MUTE/OFF

therefore Barry (very kindly) modified freebox so when attempting to turn ON/OFF the microphone it also has the ability of running one of two batch files.

these batch files run my application and instruct the properly enumarated device to turn ON or OFF (Depending on which batch you are running)

Another idea I had is that as Barry has mentioned in the past MIC line on PCs is pretty bad quality, I could use the MIC jack to activate (or deactivate) a relay this relay in turn could power on or simply allow passage of a Micriophone system that plugs directly into your amplifier

NOTE: This relay idea is higly theorical at this point dopnt really know if it would work or not, much testing needs to be done with this, it all depends on a change in the electrical state of the microphone jack when MUTE is ON or OFF (which I am currently unsure of)


Hi Netcat

Thanks for your explanation. I have a better picture now of what the problem is all about.
I have one question though. Wouldn't it be easier or better to use "line in" instead of "mic in" somehow?
Or are you refering to the line in? Isn't it easier to switch it on and off with software and maybe more of a standard nature?
I'm also confuised 'cause that options menu refers to both "line in" and "mic" under play options. I have tried it any way I can think of with no success.



Yes line in is a good option.

there are several reasons I personally dont use it.

My motherboard doesnt have LINE IN

Barcrest has also incorporated a feature to turn on line in when nothing else is playing, this is convenient if you want your jukebox connected to a radio or other audio source that will play when nobody has selected anything on the jukebox, line in is a perfect candidate for this function because it is stereo.

MIC line is usually MONO and since we have no need for STEREO singnals when we are using a Microphone it should be adecuate for this purpose while leaving LINE IN (if you have it) available for the other function I described


Personally i use a seperate karaoke amp with mic inputs and feed the soundcard into that. The karaoke amp mixes the mics with the music and also adds echo. This is great but i assume you would want a way to turn the mics off which using this method there is no way of doing.
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You could use the output from the midi port to drive a relay and you should be able to see this on all soundcard/midi ports. Or the another option is to use the control pins from the printer port you could then read a value back to see if the relay is actual off

This could also happen by using the serial port control line rts dts

I have used this in the past to drive video switches etc

Regards Jeff rae


Hi Everybody

What can I do to switch my mic on or off? I have tried the line and mic input but it didn't sound right. I suppose it could be that I didn't have a good mic.
I was also thinking about using a karaoke amp but how can I switch it on when karaoke is playing and off when it's not? With a karaoke amp I would also have to use a third speaker for the voice thru the karaoke amp. That is extra costs that I don't want to make.
Can anyone help me or give me some advise regarding this? I would like the mic to switch on and off with the karaoke and if possible use my existing amp that doesn't have any extra inputs.
The ideal way would be if I can only add a mic to my system but the question is if it is possible?   ???



If you are planning on using a pc mic for the karaoke then don't expect good quality.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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If you want to rip Karaoke DVD's you can use CloneDVD Mobile or DVD Decrypter & FormatFactory.
for VDC's i used RiverPast Video Cleaner it had an option to use the left or right channel when encoding the
audio so you can mute the vocal channel that a lot of VCD's have.