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Title: More WISHLIST items than BUG REPORTS (part of super post)
Post by: wwwombat on January 08, 2019, 02:04:09 AM
The following is more a "Wishlist" than a bug report but it's part of my super post today of other bugs.

Just a quick question and certainly no biggie.

The PLAYLIST options on the skin I use seems to have the standard spaces for the cover art and track information. But I have never seen the cover art displayed here whether using audio or video.


If I add the Playlist to the Queue then the cover art IS displayed when viewing the queue.


Is that the way it's supposed to work?

(edit 11th January, 2019) WTH? Today I built Playlists for the ARIA EOY 2018 charts and now all loads/displays of playlists appear to have the cover art!!! I need to investigate what other option I may have flicked on/off recently that might have affected this. Just ignore this for now.

Whilst I do remove some "stupid" national characters from artist names (i.e. P!ink = Pink, Ke$ha = Kesha, ?uestlove = Questlove) in the tags/filenames to make my searching life easier, I do preserve periods (.) and commas (,) where appropriate.

Luckily, when it comes to searching by artist name, most artists with periods in their name (i.e. R.E.M., R. Kelly) appear at the start of that letter section.

However, when it comes to searching track titles it would be convenient to enter certain characters that aren't present on the current Etouch keyboard (A-Z, 0-9, space). Would certainly come in handy when entering common words like "don't" and "can't".

I know you can use an option under Config10.exe to build the database to STRIP NON-ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS but I think that would bugger up most displays and the charts function - especially if you use EXACT MATCH without having to also probably change every nn.txt chart member.

So, I know it may need a skin change, but would you possibly conceive of a future where an extra button on the keyboard presents a further popup page with ALL possible national characters or possibly just include the most common ones (i.e. .',&) maybe in the space on the left of the current keyboard (left of QAZ) on my particular skin?


I don't hold out much hope of this since it too needs another skin change (well, technically just an extra button) to go along with a coding change.

I build my databases, obtaining the genre/artist/year information from the audio files since quite simply I have more of them.

Over time though I have been heavily building up my stockpile of accompanying music videos and, when I lend the jukebox out for party, most people prefer these if possible even though they may have long intros and not as great audio quality.

But the stupid buggers mostly forget to notice the "VIDEO AVAILABLE" button and then click through to that to choose the video. So now I usually set the ETouch GENERAL SETTINGS option to specify VIDEO as the STARTUP DATABASE so by default videos are what are initially displayed / searched upon..

Of course, when I do this, the next stupid question is where is such-and-such a song? - especially for really old songs that it'd be hard to track down a suitable video for. So I have to tell them to do a search and then click-through to SEARCH ALL/AUDIO.

So.... we know that coming in with AUDIO selected that buttons for VIDEO and KARAOKE should show if there's an equivalent entry.


Whilst it doesn't really alleviate the situtaion I describe above, would you contemplate a change whereby if you came in via VIDEO (or KARAOKE I guess) then similarly an AUDIO AVAILABLE button be displayed?



The "album" information seems to pull the "Genre" and "Released" information from the first track's tag.


I don't have a problem with GENRE since I pigeonhole most artist tracks into a single high-level genre (Rock, Pop, R&B) for genre-selection purposes.

Of course, my jukebox is primarily focussed around each Artist's "GREATEST HITS" album even though I essentially build those myself - using the DECADES/CHARTS files for reference. Thus I still like to tag each individual track with the date that song was released as a single or, failing that, first appeared on an album.

I wonder if you would contemplate reading the information for ALL tracks in an album and then do a MIN/MAX and then display this field as MIN-MAX (or just the year again if MIN=MAX) to indicate the date range the artist has been active in the charts?