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Title: skin resolution
Post by: unvmysht on October 01, 2019, 04:13:29 AM
Where can I find, or how can I make, 1280x1024 skins for this Jukebox? I've used this software for over a decade with great success but recently updated my home system to a "new" windows 10 PC and for some reason the video output I send to my touchscreen will not work with 1024X768 (even though the system successfully survived 3 previous hardware updates). From what I can tell it is a driver issue that Intel doesn't currently admit do. I've trouble-shot the issue enough to know that if I can have my system set to any resolution other than 1024x768 everything works. But 800x600 doesn't work well with my touch screen, And sadly those are the only two options I have to select currently. I wasn't psychic enough to download other skins back when people would post them. I tried just modifying them using the skin tool but I did not find it intuitive enough for even that basic use. Although I'm using the version 5 tools because that was the version that was active back when I paid for this software. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Title: Re: skin resolution
Post by: Mark Norville on October 02, 2019, 08:41:34 AM

To make any modifications to the skin, you need to use the skin tool.

Also we cannot provide 100% support for this version as currently we are at version 10. Barry might be able to help you more, but as it was 5 versions ago, he might have forgotten about that version and knows more about the latest version.

I joined version 9 so have no experience on 5.


Title: Re: skin resolution
Post by: unvmysht on October 06, 2019, 05:14:55 PM
Understandable. Do you know if the skins are backwards compatible? The main issue I'm working with is that I have a "home grown" version of Photohunt (replica of the bar game) that I run on my system that I built about twelve years ago and I jumped through a few hoops to integrate it with this version of the Jukebox software. I tested it with the version 10 and it didn't work out of the box and it seemed like an easier task to troubleshoot the resolution changes than it did trying to break into the jukebox hooks again. Plus I was a lot smarter then than I am now  ;D. Is there any way I could get a copy of a 1280x1024 skin to see if it "fixes" (works around) my issue? It could be the dumbest skin in the world, doesn't matter. I just want to see if the resolution settings get interpreted into my game properly. If it works I definitely don't mind tossing another $20/$30 donation your way (or whatever it was). I've definitely gotten enough use out of your software to deem it worth it.

I did actually figure out how to navigate my way around the skin tool after some playing. But no matter what I did on the tool, it seemed to always make the operating resolution 1024x768 and just resize the images accordingly. which doesn't help my issue. I'm really just curious if I should take a different avenue or if I'll be able to make this work without a much larger time investment.
Title: Re: skin resolution
Post by: Mark Norville on October 06, 2019, 06:29:07 PM
A lot of old skins, that have not been updated will not be capable of displaying the newer features of etouch.

You will also have a newer skin that contains buttons for the newer features, which I think you said you are using version 5. Which you will not be able to access. You could remove these with skin tool.

However, that could mess the skin up, and you would be trying to re create the skin.

Also the skin tool has been updated since version 5, when I came along in version 9 I kept running into bugs, hence my forum title, frustrated skinner and bug hunter.

It would be up to you, if an upgrade would be worth your time.