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Title: Skin Updates/Roll Call
Post by: Barcrest on October 21, 2019, 01:29:04 PM
How many of these skins are still active? If you are still around and using E-Touch would it be possible you can update your skin to the latest build (Preferably beta if you have access as there might be a couple of new things coming in Beta 04).

Also if anyone has a small bit of free time and would like to update any of the orphaned skins from much earlier versions that would be great.

I can host any skins if people can't.

So we know what skins are active please post in your thred and I will sticky those skin threds. We can then see what skins are not longer being maintained. If your skin hasn't been posted in the V10 section and you have updated please make a post there and then either link it in the V10 post or in the Private skins Section depending on how public the release is.
Title: Re: Skin Updates/Roll Call
Post by: Mark Norville on October 21, 2019, 02:06:47 PM
In relation to skinning, Coffee has not been around for ages. It is only Tel really that has created new skins. I still have skins somewhere on a hard drive.

However, with the older skins, they need new pages added to them and new graphics really. That is indeed the skin tool does not have any bugs in it, which might mean you cannot update the skins or do other things with.

It is always harder to update skins than it is to create new ones, or at least that is what I found out.

It might be an idea to change the default skin to something newer and more modern, e-hub would be a good default skin. I never have liked the old default skins.