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I am going to finish this off, but version 2 is being planned in my head.

Main Screen
Although this is sorted, but could have eight album frames rather than 12, increase the size of the now playing bar, which means a bigger album cover.

Track listing screen
Going to remove artist bios (Who actually wants to read about an artist?)

Change the screen so down to 3 x 3 for the main options, increase the album cover art more. Possibly change the bars to look like album art so that they fall uniform such as how they look on the main album screen. Only downside is that you have the track number, which takes up 2 digits or more.

Either that and keep the bars, but have them less in your face, and turn down the opaque on it, so instead of being in your face, it looks more of a mirror in between the two, also remove the borders and just have straight edges.

Either remove the banner although, or move it down slightly so it looks more in line with the other albums.

Track Selection Screen
Do different

Search Screen
Different colour letters, maybe go for a QWERTY keyboard rather than alphabetical, as even I am struggling to find letters. Strip it down to one album, one artist, one song, rather than trying to fit them all in.

Maybe slightly smaller letters,

Genre selection screen
Reasonably ok with this

Playlist screen
Reasonably ok with this

Admin screen
Maybe split the main icons at the top and then put the commercial stuff back at the bottom.

Welcome to my World folks, the more I watch that bloody video, the more I know that I can do better, it is almost there, but not quite. If I stripped certain things out, and took it to very basics such as I said about removing the artist bios I can fit things a bit differently. One less icon gives a bit of added space.

I do have a vision in my head, but I cannot do that graphically yet, but it is bloody simple in respects. I need more youtube gimp videos.



 :beer nice design very cool mark  :beer
Yeah I saw it, I wasn't logged in. It does look very much like the venue hub I like it.
Try the link again, I have set it to unlisted now, so you should be able to view via the link, if not then I shall set for public.
An easy way to get the buttons all lined up is to use the snap to functions, set it to 5 pixels and snap them to the grid and they should line up. Some might snap to the wrong position but line them up and click it again until all snapped to the right place. I do this when doing the keyboards. I can't see the video as it's private.
I am still not 100% happy with it, I know I can make it better, but that will be at a later date, when I get back into it, then need to adjust the graphics a bit more to get them more straighter.

Possible change is maybe adding different colours, especially for the keyboard, so not all red. I might as well show the before, can't believe been doing it for six months

I know I had a long break, but seems a life time ago now, not doing anything today as got woke up at 00:30 this morning so had about 30 minutes sleep totally brain dead now, done a bit of tagging, but brain cannot handle that this morning. So shall sit here like an idiot, well that will be nothing new, but apart from smoking myself to death then I am not moving from this seat.


Looks very much like venuehub, very nice.
Looking absolutely awesome Mark, very eye candy stuff.
If you release this, it will be a very welcome addition to the E-Touch skin portfolio.

8) 8) 8)
Hi Guys,

While you was sleeping, and I couldn't I decided to have a play with some new software that I acquired, so I thought that I would give you a demo of what I have done so far.

Fonts need sorting out, and some placements, maybe changing some of the screens, but at the moment I just want a working beta skin, the majority is completed, just a few to go.

Any comments, suggestions, and all that jazz, please feel free to mention.


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You should have been a politician, that means NO lol
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