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Fish's Jukebox

Started by jonfinpausa, April 03, 2007, 10:41:22 AM

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ok boys n girls  ;D this is the latest roll out from the old man.

Start to finish

[attachment deleted by admin due to disc space requirements]


#3 cabinet. Should fit nicely into my Harley Davidson Theme Rec room.
If you look closley you can just catch the Dell Small Formfactor g500 on my workbench waiting to go into the cabinet. :o

This Cabinet will have all the latest and greatest including HDMI out for the 46" Sony Bravio LCD(not shown in photo YET!) 8) hanging on the wall beside the jukebox.More pictures coming soon.

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Looks good. I wish I had the tools to do things like that.

Nice finished product.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Thanks Kizer
I hired all the cabinet fab work out to a local company that builds other cabinets for us.
My friend has a body shop so we barter trades with each other

I will post some of the inside picts when Im done.


Very impressive. Looks very professional.


Thanks Coffee,

I'm doing my best to make Freebox look as professional as possible.
I would love to be able to send Barry more money for all his hard work and it seems
everybody that comes to visit and see's my jukeboxs I have built love them.
The only thing that is stopping them from buying or wanting the jukeboxs is the level of technical expertize required to get the mp3 library built.Barry is working on the config file and I belive I can market the product here in the US if we can solve or build a user friendly interface for customers to add music.

It needs to be as simple as the customer puts the music CD or Video DVD into the drive and the material is ripped,tagged, artwork is downloaded,directory structure built, and freebox is updated all in one click.I know this is a big task to complete and it will take time, but when its done I will have the cabinets ready to go.To make matters more grim we are now entering into 2 new technologies with HD-DVD and Blue-Ray.People here in the US want 1080I HD TV and they will spend the money to get it.


Very nice job, Looks pro to me. Wish mine looked that good but,As i progress maybe it will too.

Again nice job.


I think a one click solution would be awesome however I really dont see that being done anytime soon.

Barry can correct me on this and Im sure he will, but with all the available apps out there its tough to say I'll add that when something else already exists.

For Example:
Audiograbber rips
Album cover downloader grabs covers
Config2.exe or Config3.exe builds the database

I built a small cheesy batch file that will copy finished files and build the database, but I have to look for a command line ripper, but you would still need to find a cover downloader.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Hi Everyone

I have to agree with Kizer. There is only that much that can be automated. To expand the config to do all that would make it even more complicated for a new customer. The veriables is just to much for example, your file structure. At the end off the day the config file is straight forward. Get your structure sorted, your collection should be tagged, build with config and that's it. Nothing to it.
My oppinion is that if somebody can't do that he shouldn't have something like this. You should have some basic computer experients to help yourself.




Thanks guys for the compliments, I try to do my best.

I know Im wishing for alot but if Im going to dream I might as well dream big.The police academy was a real treat for me at 42 years old the other cadets called me pappy ;D...but I had fun with it, pushups and situps and some big ugly dood yelling in my face for 10 weeks...the more he yelled the more I laughed, and the more pushups he made me do ;D

I had ask Barry if he wanted me or some of my resources to help with the code, but he was a little gun shy to that and I understand.Maybe its better this way as it keeps the enitre project fun for me and not work.Im sure it would become work to mass produce jukebox's if we had a perfect software solution.

Im glad to have the time to get back to this and anything i might be able to do for you or the project please be sure to ask.



Here it is !!! all done with a fancy HD skin built by eist1, thanks bro awsome job on the skin

[attachment deleted by admin due to disc space requirements]


WOW !!!! This just keeps getting better and better. EIST1 is up to version 3 of the special HD skin for my Jukebox and he just keeps improving it almost daily. Thanks Bro...your the man.

I decided a jukebox in the rec-room is cool but I spend most fo my time behind the bar in the rec-room and for that purpose a remote for the jukebox would be a perfect solution so I dont have to run over the jukebox all the time.

So here is a picture of the touch-screen remote.Its still on in beta on my bench but soon I will polish the aluminum frame and mount the screen behind the bar and ADD a screen with drink ingrediants so I dont have to remember what goes in what drink ;D Im getting old and forgetfull.

Thanks again eist1 for the awsome work on the skin, It does truely make the Harley Davidson Jukebox complete.


[attachment deleted by admin due to disc space requirements]


Graphic creator of the original BnB, BnR, BnO and BnG Skin
Coffee is the man now


Dude.... Instead of connecting to the juke using VNC or what ever you are using how about running a server client set up? I have been looking at doing this for a while now. Basically you run freebox in either server or client mode. The server handles all the queue and has the databases on it and you set the client up with a mapped drive to the server and the client just adds acts as a secondary interface to the server. Obviously you would need the drive letters to be the same on both machines for the files but you can do this with windows mapping....

It does involve recoding the queue handling but i think it could be done in about a week...

Wonder if anyone else would be interested....
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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