Current Full E-Touch Version: 10.2.0
Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 22 (09/02/23)

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V5 Demo Released

Started by Barcrest, March 12, 2009, 12:00:01 PM

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Main App:
BUG: Clicking the animated GIF on the main page redrew it if it was already showing. (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking now playing didn't end the attract mode cycle, it kept showing now playing. (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking to bring up pin keypad let you click the covers and didn't remove the pin keypad (FIXED)
BUG: When it was searching the decades charts the menu and play didn't hide. (FIXED)
BUG: Use second monitor for ALL or VIDEOS didn't have an option set for default. (FIXED)
BUG: If you searched and the menu bar was set to be hidden it would show after search (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking newly added tab might throw errors under certain conditions (FIXED)
BUG: Scroll bar dissapeared when you scrolled up into number artists (FIXED)
BUG: pop up menu backdrop didn't load (FIXED)
BUG: Ticks for random play settings were not saving on artist and others (FIXED)
BUG: When starting up it randomly plays a track but this first one displays no info (FIXED)
BUG: menupopup.bmp doesnt load in freebox (FIXED)
BUG: Didn't show the costs correctly if you selected a track and had no credits left (FIXED)
BUG: When loading random play would start then the saved queue would load (FIXED)
BUG: History screen didn't show track info (FIXED)
BUG: If you pause when no song is playing and unpause last song will play (FIXED)
BUG: Searching image could be left on screen sometimes (FIXED)
BUG: Spin on this cause a crash (FIXED)
BUG: Quick jump crashed if you had more than 50 linked albums, increased to 100 and fixed (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking the background on no search results showed a tracklisting (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking a cover in search results showed some debug code. (FIXED)
BUG: Now playing screen showed label 20 (FIXED)
BUG: Selecting a Skin didn't show the resolution in the right label (FIXED)
BUG: Would Crash and not load if Queue.Upl was corrupt (FIXED)
BUG: Config not found when there are no databases. (FIXED)
BUG: Delegate pin shows security tab and it should be hidden under delegate. (FIXED)
BUG: Searching image isn't displaying correctly when searching in decades. (FIXED)
BUG: With only one chart under charts, "Viewing Label58" is showing, instead of ARIA CHARTS (FIXED)
BUG: randomly while music is playing, an error pops up with Bad record number '63' (FIXED?)
BUG: Default Jingles path is incorrect. (FIXED)
BUG: Default run program command box has "Text 12" in it. (FIXED)
BUG: Default credit module dropdowns all have combo12, combo13 etc. (FIXED)
BUG: Decades if you click to a month without data the album art and arrows remain (FIXED)
BUG: Limit Queue was using the Search limit values (FIXED)
BUG: Credit values were displaying on play options screen in freeplay if duplicate or queue limit was hit (FIXED)
BUG: Clear queue didn't delete queue.upl file (FIXED)
BUG: Random play would play even if it wasn't enabled (FIXED)
BUG: Search result numbers were wrong using search more (FIXED)
BUG: Error 63 using random play (FIXED, FINALLY)
BUG: Search results were limited to searching 125,000 records (FIXED)
BUG: If random song tried to play an invalid file the juke could stop playing random tracks (FIXED)
BUG: Random songs were adding to the top 10 list (FIXED)
BUG: Top 10 wasn't adding videos correctly when played compared tot he loaded top 10 (FIXED)
BUG: Watching video fullscreen on single display didn't reset switch to waiting time when resized (FIXED)
BUG: Attract mode wasn't working (FIXED)
BUG: Selected Cover file wasn't saving (FIXED)
BUG: When you start the Juke it is always attempting to play the last song from the queue (FIXED)
BUG: If you fullscreen video on single screen it overwrites the current song fact. (FIXED)
BUG: Error 63 crashed juke when song was played (FIXED)
BUG: Request Track Button Showed on Load even if not enabled. (FIXED)
BUG: Wait between songs in random didn't work. (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking behind pop menu didn't close it. (FIXED)
BUG: Random Play Didn't Work Properly. (FIXED)
BUG: Search result Limit Not Saving (FIXED)
BUG: Search on AUDIO then Switch To VIDEO in results, would not default back for next search if nothing found (FIXED)
BUG: If song changed when songfacts was showing, Songfacts would remain displayed. (FIXED)
BUG: When you have not built the catalog, it says "unexpected error" (Cannot emulate)
BUG: Album page didn't re-fresh when changing small cover filename (FIXED)
BUG: top of the E-touch still says Freebox (FIXED)
BUG: Version in options, still says 4.20 (FIXED)
BUG: If skin used volume buttons, Show slider didn't disable (FIXED)
BUG: Now playing screen still appears when no song is playing (FIXED)
BUG: Decades default chart doesn't work, The intermediary screen still displays (FIXED)
BUG: Request track labels say label10 (FIXED)
BUG: Submit request crashed the jukebox due to missing request folder (FIXED)
BUG: New and Arrow Gifs resized in the decades screen when you changed dates (FIXED)
BUG: Featured album showed LABEL 1 etc on load (FIXED)
BUG: Request track didn't save the extension .TEXT (FIXED)
BUG: Reset artist list in random play the buttons were mis-labeled (FIXED)
BUG: The Genre, Artist and Year lists in random play were populating each load leading to multiple entries (FIXED)
BUG: The Genre, Artist and Year lists in random play were populating even if there were saved files slowing down load (FIXED)

ADDED: Cov File can now contain a featured album selected at random from the newley added
ADDED: Limit amount of times artist can appear in queue
ADDED: File filter is loaded from non-mp3 tagger if changed.
ADDED: Run command button will now work and save settings when you click save settings
ADDED: Default Filter Screen. Artists, Genre or Years (ADDED)
ADDED: Support for winamp playlist files. (Ignores lines starting '#')
ADDED: Option to hide Popup Meu\More Buttons (ADDED)
ADDED: Option to unmute linein on pause (ADDED)
ADDED: Random Play By Year
ADDED: Decades charts upto Nov 2008 (Thanks To Tamsy)
ADDED: Some code to prevent crashes when searching.
ADDED: Slider reflects the letter you are on if you use the forward and back buttons.
ADDED: Pop menu now supported as per V5 beta
ADDED: Screen comes up if no search results found with a request item button or new search
ADDED: Search More Button if search limit is reached
ADDED: Turn off search more button
ADDED: Search Limit can now be enabled and set
ADDED: Option to turn off character filtering for LED Signs
ADDED: Button to launch an app and close freebox in the options
ADDED: Buttons to add credits from within the options screen
ADDED: Queue is saved each change so it's not lost after a crash
ADDED: Block genrtain genres with pin code access (Prevent Explicit lyrics for minors etc..)
ADDED: Intelli Search can now be skined
ADDED: Saves credits to a file to resume credits from a crash
ADDED: FANART, put artwork in the fanart folder named artist.jpg
ADDED: Fan art on play options screen.
ADDED: Fan Art on now playing screen.
ADDED: Opacity slider added for Fan Art Displays
ADDED: Ability to turn fan art on/off for each of the three screens that use it.
ADDED: If genre filter is used then it is show on screen, click/press to turn filter off.
ADDED: Random Play From History
ADDED: Request Track button to search Results screen
ADDED: Request Track Works, Look in the request folder
ADDED: If you only have one charts folder it defaults to that
CHANGED: Some old code removed and some code tidied a little (Lots more to do here once we are stable)
CHANGED: Now supports upto 20 tracks on the track listing screen
CHANGED: Support for 20 Album Covers on Covers screen
CHANGED: Removed the highlight from the Navigation scroll bar
CHANGED: Different Cover View for Audio, Video and Karaoke
CHANGED: Year Released is not displayed on track list if the tag is empty
CHANGES: Some checks added to check if drive is valid to prevent crashes
CHANGES: Fixed a couple of history/decades files that were invalid
CHANGED: Small Now playing text is now BOLD
CHANGED: Check for databases is now first thing that happens when launching
CHANGED: Search routine is improved, screen clears properly before search.
CHANGED: Intellisearch strings are only stored if they return a valid result, stops people filling it with funny comments.
CHANGED: Small now playing on main screen now uses the small image to try and speed things up.
CHANGED: Tooltips disabled on menu buttons
CHANGED: Histroy year increases going from dec to jan and decreases going from jan to dec
CHANGED: Main freebox.ini has changed (Sorry about this)
CHANGED: Goes straight to play options if album only has 1 track
CHANGED: Ingnore "THE" in the decades search if it's in the atrist name, not ignored in song title.


BUG: Resizing buttons with images didn't always work they went 1 x 1 (FIXED)
BUG: Re scaling skin made the options screen too small (FIXED)
BUG: Crashed if path was more than 255 characters (FIXED)
BUG: Copy Colour, Font and fontsize didn't work on history screen (FIXED)
BUG: Couldn't resize pop up menu (FIXED)
BUG: Can't align the onscreen jump to buttons
BUG: Spin on this doesn't align with other buttons niether does menu
BUG: Copy colours doesn't work on pop up menu.
BUG: Shift X/Y Donesn't work for menu buttons.
BUG: Loading request backdrop didn't work (FIXED)
BUG: Request Track button default text on the button on the Search Results says Search More (FIXED)
BUG: The Labels for the Total Time and Remaining Time in the skin tool are backwards (Not Found)
BUG: Number of covers didn't update correctly (FIXED)
BUG: N and M were reversed on request track (FIXED)
ADDED: You can skin the Genre Filter Display box on the album screen
ADDED: You can now skin the intelli search label
ADDED: Support for 20 tracks on track listing screen
ADDED: Support for 20 Album Covers on Covers screen
ADDED: Pop menu now supported as per V5 beta
ADDED: All labels can now have there alignemnt set (Left, Right or Centered)
ADDED: Prompt to save .COV (Cover Layou File) When saving skin
ADDED: Overwrite eisting cover file prompt
ADDED: Prompt to confim load on COV File.
ADDED: You can now finally skin the history screen correctly (You will need to re-do this on existing skins)
ADDED: You can now skin the new no search results screen
ADDED: You can now skin the Search More button
ADDED: Ability to have a featured album in your COV File.


BUG: Was setting the launch path incorrectly
BUG: Small covers were not resizing to the user specified size (FIXED)
BUG: Crashed if the ini was invalid (FIXED)
BUG: Message boxes appeared when using command line (FIXED)
BUG: When loading up it didn't load the correct library into listview (FIXED)
BUG: Didn't default to audio first time it's loaded (FIXED)
BUG: The Path in the config, still points to version 4 (FIXED)
BUG: Name says Freebox (FIXED)
ADDED: Support for FLV and MKV files by default.
ADDED: Loads the file mask used in non-mp3 tagger if you added things.
ADDED: Should pick up flac files (UNTSTED)

Non-Mp3 Tagger:

BUG: It carried on checking for "." after the extenstion was removed (FIXED)
BUG: Copy to all only copied from selected file (FIXED)
BUG: Tag all from filename didn't tag all if you didn't select the first one (FIXED)
ADDED: Copy Genre To All Button
ADDED: Settings now save on exit (Auto save, Tag Mask and File Filter)
ADDED: Now you can make it change artist name and track title to leading CAPS (Much Nicer)
CHANGED: It now works a little better with the filter to tag from filename.

Credit Module:

ADDED: Support upto 15 on the credit module. (ADDED)
ADDED: Clicking on the public key copies it to the clipboard for mailing if you want to upgrade.
CHANGED: Attmpts re-start freebox after a crash

Song Facts Builder:

BUG: Remove fact didn't work properly
ADDED: You can now save out the songfacts I don't know what missing before.
ADDED: Small Default Songfact file included thanks to CASPER
ADDED: You can now click columns to sort by them.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Cool new features. is there a plan to enable the "Auto fullscreen for KAraoke/Video on single screen"? This will be very useful.. Thanks.


There is a good chance i will get that in the first maintainance release, so probably V5.0.1 as currently i am working on changing the database file structure and that is quite time consuming.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Fan Art rocks. Thanks Barcrest for listening to my request. ;)

How did I get it to work? I threw up the ACDC.jpg file in the same folder as the FanArt and guess what it reads it and wham. Just make sure that the artist name for the image is spelled the same way as the artist.cvr file.

I'll throw up a link for some fan art for download at 1280x or better resolution for this demo. It autoscales so it fits very well and looks nice.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Nice to see a new version out buddy. I am testing it now.

The original config went fine, but as I am going back an re-running the config program I am getting errors.
I went back into the config to tell it to generate the image thumbnails, and it completes the first step fine, but on the second step I get this following error: "Run-time error "75": Path/File access error", then it closes out the config program.


Quote from: TeamTEOR on March 12, 2009, 07:23:13 PM
Nice to see a new version out buddy. I am testing it now.

The original config went fine, but as I am going back an re-running the config program I am getting errors.
I went back into the config to tell it to generate the image thumbnails, and it completes the first step fine, but on the second step I get this following error: "Run-time error "75": Path/File access error", then it closes out the config program.

Yeah you wouldn't think we had been beta testing this for almost a year would you? So does the config load up? Is it just the thumbnail generation that is falling over? It might be the filename you have specified for the thumbnail that is invalid have you tried changing that. I use coversmall.jpg which i think i have set up as the default.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

Jukebox Stats...


Playing with it now, and it looks good.  The ability to have more songs listed in the track listing screen, and more albums showing on the cover screen is great. (Now just have to figure out how to make a skin to use these featurs.  ;D)

There is one bug that is still there that is driving me nuts.  After you build your library for the first time, everything is great.  But if you add music, and update the library, booth the GENRE and YEARS folder get a No-Genre.cvr and No-tag.cvr file respectively, and ALL the albums in your library show in them.  From what I can tell, the new albums arent added to the original .cvr files.  Makes it hard to use the update library feature, as the years and genres are never correct after the original build.

Oh, I also would like to add that the ablility to add fan art is a huge plus.  Now to start collecting Band/Artist photos in high res. (It's a never ending process to make your library as close to perfect as possible, isn't i?)


This is great!  I have been looking forward to the fixes.  Good job Barry.

Couple things I have noticed so far is that I have random play settings set with specific artists and it is playing artists that are outside of my selected artists.  This was not a problem in version 4.

I'm also having issues with changing skins from 800x600 to the 1024x768 screen.  When I select the 1024x768 skin and press load skin the window does not seem to resize with it.  This happened in version 4 as well.  I'm still tracking down whether or not this is a hardware(video card/monitor) issue.  I have a 17" ELO touchscreen running at 1024x768 and a 15" ELO touchscreen running at 1024x768 and seem to have the same issue on both.  The 17" monitor's native resolution is 1280x1024 so I'm not sure if it matters that I am not running it in it's native resolution.  Anyway, I'm still testing this portion hardware-wise and if it continues to be a problem in both v4 and v5 I will post a new thread in the appropriate forum.

Thanks again for the updates, looking forward to the final(non-demo)..... :beer


I have to agree with newman25 on changing the skin from 800 to 1024.  It is a huge pain.  The first time you do it, you have to set a hot key to close the program down, make sure save settings on exit is on, then change skins.  At this point the save settings and exit program keys are not visible on the screen, so you have to exit the program with the hotkey set, then reload the program.  (Or just change the default skin in the .ini file if you know what your doing.  :))


Hmmm, I thought I was nuts. Sometimes I notice when I go from 800x600 to 1024x768 it shrinks the screen like its going to go to a higher res then it kinda hangs out for a bit then well it switches after you push some buttons here and there.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Sweet!! Thanks for all the hard work! I'm sure it's very time consuming doing this. Anyway we can buy V5 before the end of beta? That was we can get some $$ in your hands now. You deserve it!!


I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but I'm pretty sure its done beta testing and there might be a glitch or two that I know hes working on, but From what I understand its gone V5 Final. Costs for upgrades and whatnot beats me.

I do agree hes been busting his hump a lot working on this and really deserves the credit. The beta testers just kept harrassing him for more and more addons and of course caused more and more bugs that he had to chase. Make sure you keep giving him requests because he doesn't need to sleep. ;)
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


LOL. Ok, Mr. Barcrest. Can I send some $$ your way? And how much should I give? You can blow it all on coffee for your sleepless nights..


I'm digging the Fan Art implementation.  Looks awesome!  Nice idea kizer.  So... I just download some large artwork and place it in the fanart folder, name it based on the artist name in the tag and I'm good?


Yeah the files go in folders like this.

Just keep in mind I just threw Barcrest an Idea. Hes the man. ;)
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)