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HOWTO: Set freebox up for coins.

Started by Barcrest, June 08, 2009, 01:11:57 PM

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Go to the E-Touch install folder and locate and run creditmodule.exe
You will see there is a public key there. If you click it then it should say copied to clipboard.
You need to then paste that into an email and send it me so i can send you a licence file.

NOTE: You need to do this on the actual computer you will be using with the coin mech, if you send me the wrong public key it will not work.

Now while you are in the credit module click the button that says admin mode. You will see a pin entry box appear, just click ok.
Now on the drop downs for the coins you need to pick the keypress associated with that coin as sent by the coin mech or note acceptor.
Then in the other dropdown you need to set the amount of credits it will send to the jukebox application when that coin type is recieved.
Now click SAVE and you can exit that.

You will now need to launch up the E-Touch application and go to coin settings in the options screen.
Here you can see how many credits will be deducted for each play type.
You can then enable the credit mode.
Now save the settings and exit.

By this time you should have recived the licence.lic file from me and you just need to put this in the E-touch install folder.

If you now launch the jukebox application you should see it says credits 0 and when you insert a coin/note the credits should go up. If you launch the app and it starts with 30 credits then the licence file is incorrect, probably because the wrong public key has been supplied. As i have previously stated you must provide the public key for the machine you are installing on and then apply the licence file to that machine for it to work.
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$250 for the coin features to work correctly.
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I have been thinking hard about how I would use the coin feature.  Say I wanted to charge 25p for each song.  I can configure a 50p to give 2 credits and a pound for 4, but I can't seem to think how you could configure 10p&20p's, unless the software can read decimals.  ie.  10p = 0.4 credits 20p= 0.8 credits so when you put in a 10p&20p coin, it will give you 1.2 credits, inserting another 20p would then make it 2 credits (50p total).

Has anyone else managed to work out away to do this?  I will be buying a commercial license if I can overcome this matter.



10p = 1 credit
50p = 5 credits

Then set it up to be 2 or 3 credits a song, you can even do multipliers. So it will see 2 x 10p as a 20p or 2 x 50p as a £1.
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