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Cavicchio Jukebox - Finally Done !

Started by caesar, December 06, 2009, 05:03:53 AM

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   I really, really like that idea !  ;D  A 5" PSOne screen would be perfect.
But I think it may effect (block) the sound quality in my situation. Or it may be a short lived monitor because of the sub pounding behind it.

Definetly, If I build a full size floor model !    ;D



you could always vent the sub out the bottom of the cabinet and fix existing speaker enclosure to the inside of the cab face down...shouldn't be too much of a problem if it's sealed up...


Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Quote from: leeclark2612 on December 10, 2009, 12:32:38 PM
you could always vent the sub out the bottom of the cabinet and fix existing speaker enclosure to the inside of the cab face down...shouldn't be too much of a problem if it's sealed up...

You need to see scatman's build he has done the dual screen thing in a simular sized cab. It does look good with the vis showing.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Thats beautiful! I'd love a full size model of one of these!



  I've received alot of e-mails regarding the assembly of the arch & columns.
Here's some general instructions...

The straight columns are just butt jointed at 90*.

There are 3 pieces that make up the top arch.
1st the Face (the front side/part that you see).
2nd the top (top part of the arch that collects dust)
3rd the inside arch (bottom inside curve)

  I first cut and sanded the Face piece to match the jukes arched cabinet.
It was just a matter of butt jointing and cementing the top arch against the curved face. I warmed the top piece slightly and evenly with a heat gun to give it a bit more flex. If you don't already own alot of clamps, you soon will :)
Be sure you have no gaps in the joints of the polycarb or the cement will drip out.  :(

  After the the face and top arch have had a week or so to dry. I then cut out about a dozen, forming square blocks.
Wrap the contact area of the blocks with aluminum foil so the cement doesn't adhere to the wood.
I placed each of the blocks up against the face and top plastics. Here's the tricky part.
Warm up the inside piece for your arch. Then press the 3rd piece against the blocks inside the arch. The blocks will insure the arch is pretty much uniform. It's important that there are no gaps along the bottom (where the inside curve touches the arch's face piece.) Cement and wait 2-3 weeks before removing the forming blocks. Once you remove the forming blocks and any residual stuck on-foil, flip it over and you've got a custom homemade arch.

  Practice assembling a few times before using the cement.
Cut your plastics 3-5 inches longer then you need. Once totally dry, you can always trim off the excess length. Make sure you use a new blade and cut very, very, slow. Make sure to scuff up the inside part of the plastics to help the cement. Don't worry about any bubbles in the cement, you won't see them unless you are using crystal clear plexi or clear polycarb.

I used the same cement once again to adhere my wood mounting brackets/blocks to the arch & columns. The columns & arch are screwed in from inside the cabinet.

Hope this is helpful... ;D


Love the design mate do you think you could give me the dimensions??
That would be great if you would.

Ta Sirk


Happy Holidays!  :beer

   The overall cab Height is 31 3/4 inches (80.6 cm)
Cab front Width is 20 1/4 inches (51.4 cm)
Just the wood cab Depth (front to back) is 11 5/8 inches (29.5 cm) If you include the plastic column it's overall 13 inches (33 cm).
Keep in mind the bottom of the cabinet extends forward to support the columns.
The 4 maple feet are 2 inches(5.1 cm) round & 3/4 inches(1.9 cm) thick.



Mate that looks like smart work - was gonna ask where you bought the ornaments from until i saw you had made them from wood.

Im just working on my cab at the mo - inspired by an old AMI juke.  Brought it up from the garage on Monday night and the MDF has all shrunk slightly - maybe a half mm between the panels?  Covering it all up though, so won't make much difference.


Hello !
I'm kind of a vintage jukebox nut...
What AMI model inspired you?
A "full size" or a "mini size" build?


Full size build old pal - based on an AMI I200E without the glass front as shown here:

This was mine this morning:

This is the juke laid bare.  The top three holes are for speakers - front centre, left, right of the 5.1 system and the bottom ones will be setup for the rear speakers and sub.

The middle bit under the monitor hole sticks out and there are more bits to fit on the sides to continue it around, similar to the AMI

Spent all day today applying black wood effect vinyl to the cabinet and silver speaker cloth and was left with this:

I will put the same speaker cloth around the top speakers, finishing them both with a polished aluminium edging like the AMI has.  I gotta order some 1.5 mm aluminium sheet from ebay as I have a logo design for the front where the silver cloth is.  I'll cut it out with a scroll saw and fix it somehow. 

Gotta spend a weekend cutting and polishing angle aluminium to all of the edges to protect them and add a bit if bling.

The middle sticky out part will be marble effect with a polished aluminium edge and some kind of design/lettering around it.  Got some ideas, but nothing I would like to disclose just yet!

The bottom will have some kind of skirt around it, but not yet sure what.  Angled, raised (to continue the theme of the middle bit) or just flat, but ill figure it out.

Ill put up some more pics as the build progresses.  It looks a bit pants at the moment, but it's getting there!


  Responding to a few e-mail questions.  :)
The veneer that I used is "Makore Pommele".
If your new to veneering, there's alot of good web reading to be done before attempting your first project.

Thanks! ;D


Amazing Job!  congratulations, what kind of white flexy plastic did you use to did the arche?



One option I had was to scuff the inside of Clear Plexiglas with fine sandpaper. I went to a small Mom & Pop sign making business and purchased a old scrap 3ft x 3ft sheet.
It was Makrolon Polycarbonate

Here's a link for colored plexiglas. But try local sign businesses first, they may sell you some scrap pieces cheap... ;D


A. Aston

Quote from: caesar on December 07, 2009, 05:41:53 AM
Here's the build... Please wait for pics to load...

$1.99 Gutter Guard Screen for venting.

My 2nd piece of veneer.  :(      I guess you could say the first piece was a test...
Did you know that most wood veneer is only 1/42 of an inch thick?

I found these 50% off after Christmas @ Lowes last year. I just removed the outer lightbulb shaped plastic to make them fit. Alot cheaper than a custom programmable controller. (maybe down the road I'll upgrade)

Forgot to take a photo of the speakers before I disassembled them. So I included the mfg. photo.
I actually cut down the height of the left & right speakers.
Removed the volume/bass control from the speaker's base and made a new holder that I'll be relocating in the back.

The cheap led flashlight originally ran on (3)1.5 volt batteries or a total of 4.5 volts.
By inserting a 15ohm resistor, I was able to power the front emblem directly from the 5VDC tap coming from computer's power supply.

That Chinese flashlight put up one good fight.
Where else can you buy 9 white Leds & 3 AAA batteries for $2.00 ?

Motherboard stand-offs were recycled from discarded PC's.

This is like awesome .. Putting all these things togather have done this for me. I have tried and got the result ..  ;D