Author Topic: ok, this might sound stupid, but how/where do I BUY freebox ? get rid of nag !  (Read 1883 times)

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Ok, I like freebox, etouch - it's the best I've tried.  got it all set up and installed into my Rowe 100 Cd jukebox.  now I'm getting the nag screen, so,

where do I pay $25 to buy it?  do I get a different version ?  serial number ? 

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paypal 25 bucks to barcrest email, then you get the full version, the full version has a start up screen, but no 30 minutes limitation, if the start up screen its what you call a nag screen then you should request barcrest to remove that for you....

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That'll cost 250 dollars matey for the full commercial version.

Oh, and Barry said something about not having internet access for a while - IGNORE THIS - I just realise that two year old thread was brought to life by spam
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