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HOW TO: Album Back Cover

Started by fordman, January 29, 2010, 08:02:17 PM

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New Features with E-Touch are here!

Here is a really cool one!

You can now use a Album Cover back when displaying the album cover in the track listing!

Why would you want this? To enhance the track listing screen and to be a little more interactive!

Lets take a look at how to set this up!

First, you need to obtain a back cover from your favorite source (google, yahoo and others image searches). Once you have found what you need, make sure it is a true .jpg. Renaming a .bmp to .jpg wont work. Now save it as back.jpg to the appropriate Artist\Album folder.

In my example below, we'll use Ozzy Osbourne, Bark At the Moon

Here is the Front Cover:

Just Tap/Click the Front Cover and here is what you get:

If you dont have a back,jpg in your Artist/Album folder, there is a default 'Cover Not Found' .jpg displayed

Easy and simple!

Thanks to E-Touch user Coffee for the Fantastic Skin!  :beer



dammit I deleted all the back covers  ???  :D


Trust the kids to find something out that I had overlooked  >:(  When they "touched" the album cover on select a song page I had a "cover not found image" appear. I didn't realise the function to display the back of an album had been implemented   :-[  so when I did a search of the forum was suprised to find anything. I had one or two albums with the back.jpg saved. and it works brilliant. Only problem now is I have caused myself a lot of work to find the rest of the backs  :'( 
Thank you coffee and everyone else for the continuous support and improvments.


What would be the best sizes for the back.jpg , cover.jpg and coversmall.jpg?
Does the albumview screen use the cover.jpg or coversmall.jpg?


I have all my cover.jpg & back.jpg's at 400x400 and my coversmall.jpg's at 170x170. They look great! The bigger the resolution, the more resources the from the cpu it uses, and it takes a few noticable pauses to load the .jpg's at higer resolutions if say you use 800x800 for coversmall.jpg. Take a good 1024x768 pic of an album cover and reduce it to 400x400 for the cover.jpg or back.jpg to give you a really nice cover.jpg and back.jpg. Then reduce it again to 170x170 for the coversmall.jpg or have the config reduce it for you when you update or create a new library!

Keep them smaller at they load alot quicker!