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Started by netcat, May 05, 2007, 07:32:17 PM

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My visualisations is working well. What ver. do you use Netcat. I will try and set everything up tomorrow and check it with the version your using. (buttering up again )


Latest private release of freebox and winamp 5.33

Maybe I just dont know how to set it up?

what did youo do to make youor work ?


are you getting it to work on just your main screen or using dual screens?.......dual video cards??
i have both screens sharing one video card and have had no luck getting winamp over to the other screen..unless windowed and dragged over but the graphic quality is piss poor. i'd like to see how yours is setup too..
Just when you thought it not possible....TwelveNinedy


I use dual screens with one video card. I will sort this out today and write up a tetorial and Kizer can maybe add it to the manual. I currently use on my test machine and it works fine but I'll setup the latest release and write a manaul for it.


Hi Netcat

Check out "Winamp Visualizations online manual" under "Freebox User Guides and FAQ".
I hope that will be helpfull. If you follow the manual it should work everytime. Good luck.



Netcat, you can try Winamp 5.33, it should work aswell. Just remember if you have any problem during installation of Winamp, you should reinstall. I get that often and then some stuff just doesn't work. If it asks for any drivers that can also be a problem.



Have added graphics and created a tutorial please check it out



karaoke mike

Hi, is that crossfader addition somewhere on the site? thanks


Download the crossfader here --->

Install, but one catch, when you try to "advance' the song with the song slider bar, E-Touch will crash!

Barry has no idea why or how to fix this!




Barry does not know how to fix because it is not a bug in E-touch
DC cross renderer has the this bug and runs in the windows environment and if you use
WMP alone WMP crashes, that's why E-touch crashes too.


Fordman, surely the track advance part would be disabled on a juke at a party anyway? Shouldn't really cause that much of an issue if it is...