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E-Touch Easy Install Guide
« on: May 05, 2009, 12:53:45 PM »
Hello All!  ;D

Now that You've downloaded E-Touch Jukebox Software, just how in the world does one use it?

Here in Part 1 you will see it is easy to install and very user friendly.

System Recommendations for use should be:


1ghz processor with at least 256mb ram (although some use 400mhz PIII's w/ 128 mb ram and say it works fine).
Windows XP SP2
Windows Media Player 10 (but get the Upgrade to WMP 11)

For a great system:

2ghz or better processor with 1gb ram ( this will make things fly!)
Windows XP SP3
Windows Media Player 11

Note: The system recommendations for install are the view of the writer of the tutorial and not the software developer.

Ok, now to install. Follow along and instructions are BELOW each graphic.

Where did you download it too?

I downloaded to c:\e-touch install

Double click the Setup Icon

Click Next

I recommend installing to the default location, but you can install it anywhere you wish, just remember where you installed it.
(This tutorial will use the default install location at all times)

Shows the files installing

E-touch is now Installed. Now lets 'Un-check' the 'Run E-Touch Jukebox E-Touch V5' box. Now click Finish.


We need to setup our music files structure.

Part 2 coming soon!
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