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E-Touch Internet Radio Tutorial

Started by fordman, February 26, 2010, 08:26:36 PM

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E-touch is already loaded with features, but one of the latest newly added features is the ability to play internet radio!

WOW! This makes E-Touch even better than before!

Lets see how this is done!

In E-Touch Private Release 5.00.32, the ability to add internet radio stations has become a reality!

The internet streams of internet radio are vast and there are many many to choose from. E-Touch user Eist1 has made

a list of many many internet radio stations in many genres.

The stations in the download are .asx or .wpl files. These type of files are playable in Windows Media Player, so that makes them playable in E-Touch!

Lets get started!

In the E-Touch Private Release 5.00.32, a 'Radio' button has been added. As of this 02/26/10, the button hasnt been skinned yet but will be soon!  ;) See pic below:

What you need to do is make an 'Internet Radio' folder similar to your music, karaoke or videos folder somewhere on your hard drive:

Within this folder, you need separate folders for each station: see pic above.

After you have made a separate folder for each station, the folder needs to have the station .asx or .wpl file.

Also wee need to make a .tag file with the Non-MP3 Tagger.

Open the Non-MP3 Tagger. You will have to add ;*.asx and ;*.wpl to the mask. When you do, tap/click 'Set Mask', then select the folder where the .asx or .wpl file is located. Fill in the blanks on the right with the appropriate info. Then save the tag.

You will need to find a pic just as with your music, videos or karaoke and rename it cover.jpg and coversmall.jpg repsectively.

As you see in the pic above your folder should look something like it.

Now, open up the Config.

You will see 'Radio' has been added to 'select Library'. choose that and find your internet radio directory, same as you would for music, videos or karaoke files. In the search mask, in the bottom right corner, you will have manually add ;*.wpl;*.asx to the mask. It will automatically save the mask when the Config is closed.

Generate the library as normal. After generating the library, open up E-Touch!

Go into the 'Options - Button Settings' Screen and 'tick' radio.

Once you have 'tick'ed the Radio button you should see it show up on the main screen.

Select Radio and your station should appear!

Select the station as normal:

And it should show like below:

That how its done!

Just add stations at your leisure just the same way and you should be fine!




Awesome job Fordman!!! As always a very informative How-to!! Just to possibly add to this. A folder does not need to be created for each channel (you will not be able to use non-MP3 Tagger, but just make sure to check the Use Filename When Tag NOT Found box in the config, that will name each station the filename), you can also create a folder for each Genre (Rock Stations, Country Stations, Jazz Stations) and each of those folders have multiple stations (.asx or .wpl) of that Genre, so when opening the album folder you will see each station numbered, and can choose one of them. This allows to have many stations of a certain Genre, but not have to page through each album image.


Have followed your guide but for some reason it still doesnt pick up any of my .asx radio files i have changed the mask on the e touch config but still wont seem to find the .asx files any ideas what im doing wrong
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Make sure you are using a semicolon ; and not a comma (,) as I was originally using a comma, and it didn't work. It should look like this ;*.asx   Hope that helps.


Nice tut. I still haven't played with that feature as of yet.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)


Thanks eist i had been making that mistake but changed it and i still cant find my .asx files on my pc its frustrating as i cant see why it wont find them :(
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This is what I do:

Create a folder C:\My Radio

In that folder create separate folders for each Genre (Rock Stations, Country Stations)

In each of those folders put the .asx files you want. Your path should look like this

C:\My Radio\Rock Stations\80s Hairband.asx

Than open the config and choose the Radio drop down and point it to your My Radio folder *** And Make Sure You are Using "Use File Name if Tag Not Found* Checkbox in the config ***

Also, you will want to verify what version you are using as a version back the config program was broken, and making both Karaoke and Radio the same library name radio.rec. Hope that helps you out


Thanks eist1 for the replay again, thats actually how i have been trying to do it but when it comes to searching for the .asx file it doesnt pick anything up ive read the set up tutorial that was made again and again and i looked at what you put and did it to the same way and still no joy im using version V5.00.33

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Copy the search mask from the config and paste it up here.
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Did you make a tag with the non-mp3 tagger? Did you set the mask with ;*.asx or ;*.wpl ?

Also, did you check to see if the config mask had ;*.asx or ;*.wpl in it as well?



im not sure if this is what you meant but in my mask.ini it says this
Search Mask

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the mask looks good to me. Did you make a non-mp3 tag?



Yeah fordman i made a non mp3 tag it found the file ok then.

I have just tried to use the non mp3 tagger again but now i get this error run time error '380': invalid property value ??????
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ok i have cover.jpg NicBondRadio.asx.tag and NicBondRadio.asx all in the folder
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now if i open the e-touch config i get this error occured: 380
Description: invalid property Value
Module : Module1
Function: Save_mask

any ideas what i have done guys
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