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Cursor showing in Vid Clips

Started by Thalfura, August 31, 2010, 02:10:41 PM

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Hoping someone can help me with this. I have gone through all the settings but this has got me stumped.

Single touch screen. Normal visulizations play properly without the cursor arrow but when i play a vid clip the cursor arow is there. I am running the last of the 5's.. Forgot where i need to go to update to lifetime membership.

Any help would be great.




Posted this about a year ago:

As for the mouse cursor over the Karaoke screen, could you use an external app to disable the cursor? I found a small free app called No Mousy that will hide the cursor (but still allow mouse movement) using the command nomousy.exe /hide and to get the cursor back you only need to run nomousy.exe I tried it in the Karaoke screen and it works to hide the cursor, but doing this manually would be hard, other than if Freebox could be set to run a command while starting up, the command to disable the mouse could be run, but at exit the command to reenable the mouse would need to be run. Just an idea, not sure how it's done now.


Could call that in a bat file then launch E-Touch. Because of bat files i did not add an option to call stuff on launch.
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Most modern touchscreen drivers has a funtion to disable mouse curser.
I think I have a file to disable the curser, you can put this in your startup folder. I'll check if I can find that.