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Started by Novalak, June 24, 2008, 04:47:44 AM

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Hi Guys

Anyone interested in downloading karaoke? i have an irc channel which pretty much has every karaoke album (sunfly, sound choice etc etc)

If people are interested, i can send a how-to to get connected. They require a specific irc script server to be run etc. If you havnt used mIRC before im not going to give  n00b guide, but anyone with half an idea, i will open your world to every karaoke album you can think of!


PM me or shoot me an email


Ok i changed my mind, here is all the information you will need to access the servers - userguides, irc scripts, ports to open blah blah

The servers are and the channel is #Karaoke-Realm
But the scripts have all that information

1 last note: if you dont share back, you will get banned


holy CRAP!!  i read halfway thru the faq guide and these guys are ruthless, and if not them, they got there bots to do it for'em.  it seems like a good thing and im gonna try it. but i think im gonna get kicked a whole bunch a times as i dont know anything about this yet and dealing with script and ads,voice,etc....  guess ill finish reading bout it and try it a few times..
-maybe we could put a "help eachother thru this thread" in here somewheres??  i would love to add certain karoake songs to the cureent list i have. especially albums with just one song!
Just when you thought it not possible....TwelveNinedy


i dont mind helping but i dont want a full n00b whats mirc thing with people, thats all

They are quite strict but its well worth it


i have over 100k karaoke i am looking for 2006 to recent karaoke so if anyone wants to trade let me know thanks