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E-Touch Select Location Download Song or Album

Started by fordman, February 26, 2010, 07:31:30 PM

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E-Touch 'Download Song' or 'Download Album' Choose Directory Tutorial

One of the many fine features with E-Touch is the ability to download a song from your jukebox to your MP3 player (or USB

stick)! We are going to copy the songs to your portable device by means of a 'batch file', but lets you choose the directory for the download.

Again, I would like to thank E-Touch user Hitbig for all his leg work on the batch and .vbs files!

Lets see how this is done.

Step 1

Follow the steps in the first tutorial first:

Once that is done, we need to tweak the 'Download_B.bat' file and we will create a separate file for choosing the drive destination.

Open up the c:\Program Files\E-Touch Jukebox\Download_B.bat file with notepad. Replace all the lines with these below:

@echo off
erase "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox\download\download.bat"
For /F "Tokens=1 Delims=" %%I In ('cscript //nologo BrowseFolder.vbs') Do Set _FolderName=%%I
pushd %_FolderName%
xcopy /Y "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox\download\*.*" /S /E
pushd C:\program files\e-touch jukebox\
del /q download /S
rd /q download /S
md Download
copy "Download_C.bat" "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox\download\Download.bat"

Now save it as 'Download_B.bat'.

Make sure it is saved in the C:\Program Files\E-touch Jukebox folder.

Step 2

Now re-open notepad and copy the lines below:

Const MY_COMPUTER = &H11&
Const OPTIONS = 0

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(MY_COMPUTER)
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.Self
strPath = objFolderItem.Path

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.BrowseForFolder _
(WINDOW_HANDLE, "Select a folder:", OPTIONS, strPath)
If objFolder Is Nothing Then
End If

Set objFolderItem = objFolder.Self
objPath = objFolderItem.Path

Wscript.Echo objPath

Now save this in notepad as Browsefolder.vbs in the C:\Program Files\E-touch Jukebox folder.

When you are using E-Touch and select to download a song or album, a selection box will appear:

Select from there where you want to download your music.

*** NOTE *** This seems to work only on WinXP as the window wont show up in WIN7. The window actually does show up in Win7, but it is hidden by the E-Touch interface, so user beware.

Hope this helps!  :beer



In Summary :
1.-Need to add Dowload_B.bat , Download_C.bat & BrowseFolder.vbs to C:\Program Files\E-touch Jukebox 6\
2.-Need to add Download.bat to C:\Program Files\E-touch Jukebox 6\Download\

In this case user needs somehow to set windows menu dialog BROWSE FOR FOLDER to "always on top" before running in full screen.
Somehow means with :
A) nvidia Nview settings

B)A third party program like ShellEnhancer(freeware)
 or Actual Windows Manager (Shareware). With ShellEnhancer, when windows Browse For Folder pop ups the first time(E-Touch not in Full Screen), right click and use options  automanage function "always on top" just once and that would work from then on.

C) This is the simplest way (works for XP and W7) :
    1)Install AutoHotKey (freeware, the basic is ok)
    2)Create Send ET to Bottom.AHK (AutoHotKey Script, only one command line) in notepad & save in C:\Program Files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\   :

                       SEND ET TO BOTTOM.ahk
                       WinSet Bottom,, E-Touch

    3)Add this command line to Downlad_B.bat, after @echo off (second line):

        CALL "C:\Program Files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\SEND ET TO BOTTOM.ahk"

This feature in E-Touch has been very useful for me. Still using it almost every time.


For W7 users (This works in XP too) :
If you are experiencing some problems with the DOWNLOAD folder permissions just follow Fordman's tutorial but use this as Download_B.bat

@echo off
erase "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox 6\download\download.bat"
For /F "Tokens=1 Delims=" %%I In ('cscript //nologo BrowseFolder.vbs') Do Set _FolderName=%%I
pushd %_FolderName%
xcopy /Y "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox 6\download\*.*" /S /E
pushd C:\program files\e-touch Jukebox 6\Download
@echo off
pushd %1
del /q *.*
for /f "Tokens=*" %%G in ('dir /B') do rd /s /q "%%G"
pushd C:\program files\e-touch jukebox 6\
copy "Download_C.bat" "C:\program files\e-touch jukebox 6\download\Download.bat"

Don't forget to check, based on this example, where you have your E-touch installed to make
necessary adjustments to the bat files (i.e C:\program file\E-Touch Jukebox 6
                                                                   could be for you:
                                                         C:\program files (x86)\E-Touch Jukebox 6)


Another way to use the Download Button :

1)Install AutoHotKey (freeware, the basic is ok)

2) Create Download.bat & Download_B.AHK
 a)Create C:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\Download\Download.bat
   Command lines for Download.Bat:
   @Echo Off
   Call "C:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\Download_B.AHK"

 b)Create C:\program files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\Download_B.AHK
      Download_B.AHK script is too long, so here's the link of the file.

That's it. This method will put the Selection Boxes "always on top" , timeout for dialogs +- 5-15 secs, and also includes both options, to choose for a fixed location (administrator of the Juke sets it) or  guest searches for other locations/folders (USB Sticks,etc).

  Don't forget : Edit in Download_B.ahk (first two lines only) , if you have installed E-touch different than
  C:\program file\E-Touch Jukebox 6 or your fixed drive is diff than D:\    :    
  Change accordingly.

                ETouchFolder = C:\Program Files\E-Touch Jukebox 6  
                AdminFolder = D:\

 If somebody can test it and give feed back will be much appreciated.
 Mine is working very nice.