Current Full E-Touch Version: 10.2.0
Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 22 (09/02/23)

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V7.0.00 Demo Released

Started by Barcrest, March 25, 2011, 05:23:40 PM

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Main App:
BUG: If tack title was not tagged alternate versions crashed juke (FIXED)
BUG: Internet songs would not play from hot hits correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking online search button didn't update the top label with the right search term (FIXED)
BUG: Quick search boxes when searching on albums were odd. (FIXED)
BUG: Playing online songs from history doesn't show right tag info on play options screen. (FIXED)
BUG: Can't scroll down through online results most of the time. (FIXED)
BUG: History didn't show online cover for streamed songs. (FIXED)
BUG: Credits didn't save on shutdown (FIXED)
BUG: Show next didn't show streaming_file.jpg for cover (FIXED)
BUG: Queue didn't show streaming_file.jpg for cover (FIXED)
BUG: Second screen code on engine 1 was not the same as main for hanging prevention (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking on some labels from search results gave incorrect tag info for online songs (FIXED)
BUG: Dual screen stopped working (FIXED)
BUG: Second screen wouldn't process songs (FIXED)
BUG: Using second screen you couldn't slide the progress bar to skip through song (FIXED)
BUG: Intergrate Online Search Results option didn't save (FIXED)
BUG: Streaming_file.jpg wasn't used if use first cover found was checked (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking an online track cover in Search, History or Queue brought up tracklisting (FIXED)
BUG: Newley added DB wasn't showing correctly. (FIXED)
BUG: Streaming song pricing broke random play using playlist (FIXED)
BUG: Reset meter didn't wrok from E-touch (FIXED)
BUG: Run app label said freebox, changed to jukebox. (FIXED)
BUG: Queue didn't update when moving to next song (FIXED)
BUG: Streamed song in queue could show wrong tag info (FIXED)
BUG: Pin request for search screen showed search behind album view when pin entered (FIXED)
BUG: Pin request for decades screen showed decades behind album view when pin entered (FIXED)
BUG: Integrated search, clicking cover for streaming song didn't show tag info (FIXED)
BUG: Fanart caused a crash if : was in the artist name (FIXED)
BUG: Grey box around internet seach results on no songs found screen (FIXED)
BUG: Most played didn't work in random as it was using the old "most played.cvr" file (FIXED)
BUG: Keep queue shown didn't show queue until it was clicked. (FIXED)
BUG: playing streaming songs whilst logged into e-touch corrupted your user (FIXED)
BUG: clicking most popular song under My E-Touch caused an error if it was streamed (FIXED)
BUG: Most played wasn't generated correctly (FIXED)
BUG: The charging code was wrong and might have caused issues (FIXED)
BUG: Limit artist in queue wasn't working correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Queue didn't save out correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Videos don't show in newley added even if combo box is set to pick them up. (FIXED)
BUG: Adding songs from most played didn't require credits (FIXED)
BUG: Jingle wasn't set as random song so would play through if a user song was added (FIXED)
BUG: Queue saving and loading wasn't working (FIXED)
BUG: Show Next didn't update if queue was emptied (FIXED)
BUG: Queue duration didn't show correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Search when on most played didn't work (FIXED)
BUG: Cut off random song doesn't work (FIXED)
BUG: All songs play at the random song level (FIXED)
BUG: Selecting a song in queue and clicking play now plays wrong song (FIXED)
BUG: Clicking a cover in queue displays wrong album tracklisting (FIXED)
BUG: Search when newly added is selected doesn't work (FIXED, searches audio)
BUG: Queue doesn't show duration (FIXED)
BUG: Move Up/Down Queue doesn't work (FIXED)
BUG: Cutting off a random song charge the play now value (FIXED)
BUG: player backdrop didn't load if set from texture viewer (FIXED)
BUG: hiding player controls didn't hide pop up player button (FIXED)
BUG: Queue was not saving out correctly due to adding the duration (FIXED)
BUG: Letters on genre screen didn't load causing a crash (FIXED)
BUG: Show Next caused a crash if there was no cover (FIXED)
BUG: Playing a streamed song from hot hits showed wrong tag info (FIXED)
BUG: Ability to have a pin for my E-Touch didn't work (FIXED)
BUG: If last page had full albums it would lock up if you paged down (FIXED)
BUG: Certain regions wouldn't accept the licence file (FIXED)
BUG: PAUSED Label didn't skin (FIXED)
BUG: Pop player would pop up after a search was performed (FIXED)
BUG: Turning off keyboard highlighting didn't remove highlight box from pop up menu (FIXED)
BUG: New album screen credit label showed even if credits were not enabled (FIXED)
BUG: If stop random song on user selection was on play next still added to queue (FIXED)
BUG: Slider and Jump to letter didn't work for A (FIXED)
BUG: Coming up next wasn't transparent sometimes (FIXED)
BUG: Jump to letter pop up didn't dissappear when you selected a letter (FIXED)
BUG: Pop player would pop up after a search was performed (FIXED)
BUG: Pop player would pop up after a decades chart was performed (FIXED)
BUG: Album coovers had a border around them (FIXED)
BUG: time to wait between tracks on random was also affexcting the queue (FIXED)
BUG: If track or artist had & it caused issues with alternate track (FIXED)
BUG: Didn't launch config on first start if no DB's were created (FIXED)

CHANGED: Karaoke DB is now dynamic array so no limits on size
CHANGED: Queue handling is totally re-written to be faster
CHANGED: Warning message for online songs shows when selected not when played
CHANGED: Debug window has been improved to provide more info when running /D
CHANGED: Tried to tidy up the track and artist titel some more for online songs
CHANGED: Default skin changed so online results are larger and easier to click
CHANGED: Quick search selections at the top totally re-written to be much faster.
CHANGED: Switches to album screen on attract mode if you have now playing screen always on

ADDED: Support for jump to letter directly on the genre screen
ADDED: Internet streamed songs offered if search returns no results
ADDED: Internet streamed songs can now be scrolled through with up/down buttons
ADDED: streaming_file.jpg is loaded from the skin if found for stearming song cover
ADDED: Search online button added to search results screen if the returned songs are not what you want
ADDED: Ability to disable or enable the onle stuff (Currently under QUEUE options in options screen)
ADDED: Code to read the intergrate online songs into search results check box
ADDED: Option to pick what libraries to use for newley added
ADDED: Seperate costing for streamed songs.
ADDED: Code to keep queue displayed if set in the skin.
ADDED: Option to enable or disable pin coded genres
ADDED: Option to stop random song playing on user selection
ADDED: Support for pop up played added.
ADDED: Queue is saved out as hidden
ADDED: Clear QUEUE button to queue settings
ADDED: Close button to pop up player
ADDED: Audiogenie3.dll this is the latest version and should improve tag reading.
ADDED: 0 to the pin screen
ADDED: label for the pin screen
ADDED: Credit label on album screen as per coffees request
ADDED: Code to support skinned PIN for My E-Touch
ADDED: Ability to have a pin for my E-Touch
ADDED: You can now lock the player position slider so it can't be skipped

BUG: Pop up player didn't save out correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Couldn't set the colours of the pop up player button or nave buttons outside the album view
BUG: Pop up player background didn't save out correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Some of the labels couldn't be positioned on the play options screen (FIXED)

ADDED: Option to have pop up player controls
ADDED: Ability to skin the internet streamed song offering online_search.bmp is default backdrop.
ADDED: Ability to skin the internet streamed song Up/Down buttons
ADDED: Ability to skin search online button on search results screen
ADDED: Option to keep queue displayed
ADDED: Support for jump to letter directly on the genre screen
ADDED: Close button to pop up player
ADDED: Snap To Grid support for on screen letters on genre screen
ADDED: Snap To Grid support for search keyboard numbers
ADDED: Snap To Grid support for jump to letter screen
ADDED: Snap To Grid support for my E-Touch Login Screen
ADDED: Align X now supports search screen keyboard numbers
ADDED: Set Pin button can be skinned
ADDED: Credit label on album screen can be skinned
ADDED: Ability to have 0 skinned on the pin screen
ADDED: Ability to skin the label on the pin screen

BUG: Crashed with file error on exit if some files were set to hidden (FIXED)

ADDED: Audiogenie3.dll this is the latest version and should improve tag reading.

Credit Module:
BUG: Certain regions wouldn't accept the licence file (FIXED)

CHANGED: Default skin fixed up some more and added the Set Pin button in

Here it is finally the long awaited V7 release, there are tons of new features in this release along with speed improvements and bug fixes. The biggest inclusion is the support for streaming songs if you search for songs not included in your library. Please note there has been a price increase, this is the first one in 4 years. The registered version now costs $35 and is still one of if not the cheapest version. The commercial version is still $250 with deals on bulk licences as always.

As always, have fun..
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Im new to this

i was wondering how i get the full version of the v7.0.00


QuoteThe registered version now costs $35 and is still one of if not the cheapest version.

Select the donate button on the front page. Then post your transaction number in the "Public & Demo Releases" section of this forum.
Barry will upgrade your account as soon as he recieved confirmation from PayPal.
You need to be patient because of time diffirences as Barry are in the UK.

Hope you get sorted and welcome to this forum.



Thank you
i really appreciate it


Hi Barry,

Password protect the que, add 2 songs and then go into the cue. It just comes up with the album cover from the first selected track with no list of qued songs. Not even the play it now button or move up and so on. Also we need a button to hide my e-touch as that is a feature that i do not need and there is no way to remove the album button from the left hand corner on the main screen, i am still running 5.0.17 on my 5 rental jukeboxs because i still cannot find a release that works better, well for what i need.

I tested the que function on 6 different pcs with diff specs and xp sp2 and sp3 with no success.



Whats the upgrade cost from V5 ??


Good eveing

I am trying the software tonite, and maybe if its good, I shall use it on the 8 jukeboxes I already have.  I am currently using touchtone, and have found its out of date and getting slower by the day.  someone said that freebox is good.  Can you advise if this is freeware or if i have to buy to use.  Can this be used with an SR5 coin collector?
I would also like to know if the software automatically downloads/updates?
Sorry for all the questions, I am really keen to upgrade my units i have.

Jen  :-*


It is not free PM if you are interested in purchasing some commercial licences.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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I have had a play around with it, and I must say that I am very impressed.  I do however  have a couple of questions.  How much is the commercial licence? I would like this installed on 7 of my jukeboxes that I have dotted around in Ireland and on main land.
I have been reading up a bit and I can see that you can use different skins.  I did open the skin designer thing, and was somewhat confused, so I think I shall give that part a miss.  Do you have skins that I can purchase?
I did have some trouble with the coin acceptor, for some reason the jukebox stated 30 credits, and when this went, the user was able to select a song, despite having no credits.  I am guessing that this is a security measure as it is registered for home use.  I am using a keyboard input module that omits key depressions to register credits, is this compatable with this software?
I look forward to your reply.



Yes key presses are how the credits are read. It supports 5 coin types and multipliers. The reason you are seeing the 30 credits issue and being able to select songs after credit expiry is because you don't have a commercial licence. It still lets you enable it for testing that coins are registered for you with your coin mech set up before you make a purchase.

There are quite a few skins in the skin section of this site but most of them are availble to lifetime members and commercial users only.

If you are interested in purchasing some commercial licences then feel free to drop me a PM or Email with your requirements.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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