Author Topic: V7.0.07 Demo Released  (Read 4801 times)

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V7.0.07 Demo Released
« on: April 29, 2011, 11:49:04 AM »
Main App:
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button doesn't hide on load if disabled. (FIXED)
BUG: Playing a track from year or artist filter did not deduct credits (FIXED)
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button doesn't hide on load if disabled. (FIXED)
BUG: Closing filter drops back to audio not default library (FIXED)
BUG: Alternate tracks is showing odd behaviour (FIXED)
BUG: Black box around pin entry screen (FIXED)
BUG: Having add to queue KEY and select KEY the same didn't work on hot hits (FIXED)
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button only hides if player is currently on screen. (FIXED)
BUG: Licence screen doesn't clear properly on attract mode (FIXED)
BUG: Small now playing image is wrong size on first load (FIXED)
BUG: Can't set a key for pop up menu (FIXED)
BUG: Key highlighting shows if key is pressed but highlighting is turned off (FIXED)
BUG: Selecting a track and using a playoptions key didn't re-focus key highlighing on albums (FIXED)
BUG: Attract mode can start while skin is loading (FIXED)
BUG: Pressing menu KEY needs to switch back to album cover screen (FIXED)
BUG: Tracklisting browse using keys doesn't work. (FIXED)
BUG: White box on small now playing screen on first load (FIXED)
BUG: Key settings for Genre and My E-Touch Didn't save (FIXED)
BUG: key settings didn't perform correctly using a key assigned to a menu button like albums (FIXED)
BUG: Compilation albums tracklisting didn't show correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Number of times played didn't show on track listing (FIXED)
BUG: If your attract mode path was invalid spin on this attract mode didn't work (FIXED)
BUG: Licence Agreement screen didn't show jukebox ID (FIXED)
BUG: Licence agreement screen didn't exit if you clicked the label (FIXED)
BUG: Top20 screen didn't page correctly with keys (FIXED)
BUG: Top20 screen didn't select the right track with keys (FIXED)
BUG: Some of the keyhighlight labels didn't set the right colour (FIXED)
BUG: Queue was not updating all the time (FIXED)
BUG: Key highlighting didn't work for mostplayed or radio (FIXED)
BUG: Save playlist label not transparent (FIXED)
BUG: When resuming the queue on load there was a bug (FIXED)
BUG: Skin loading screen was not showing on start up (FIXED)

CHANGED: Jukebox loads up and starts then loads the skin to speed up precieved loading time
CHANGED: Attract mode path now has to be entered manually
CHANGED: Credit display update improvements to increase app speed

ADDED: The Licence agreement page now shows the jukebox ID correctly.
ADDED: Page Forward and Back Keys now work on the genre screen
ADDED: Page Forward and Back Keys now work on the Top20/Hot Hits screen
ADDED: Hot Hits screen should now navigate correctly with keys
ADDED: Most Played and Hot hits can be selected as the default library
ADDED: You can now set a different library other than the default for attract mode spin on this.
ADDED: Genre screen can now be navigate by keys
ADDED: Key can be set for the pop up menu button
ADDED: E-Touch Moods
ADDED: Logged in users save their credits when they log out until they login next time
ADDED: Credit display label on MY E-Touch Screen

BUG: Align and resize don't do all of the menu buttons. (FIXED)
BUG: Shift Y doesn't move play count labels on track listing. (FIXED)
BUG: Space X/Y didn't work for menu buttons (FIXED)
BUG: Covers for quick search results wouldn't position correctly (FIXED)

ADDED: Ability to skin the new Credit Display Label on My E-Touch

Ok this should fix up the issues reported in previous V7 releases and it also has some new features.
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