Current Full E-Touch Version: 10.2.0
Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 22 (09/02/23)

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V7.0.07 Demo Released

Started by Barcrest, April 29, 2011, 11:49:04 AM

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Main App:
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button doesn't hide on load if disabled. (FIXED)
BUG: Playing a track from year or artist filter did not deduct credits (FIXED)
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button doesn't hide on load if disabled. (FIXED)
BUG: Closing filter drops back to audio not default library (FIXED)
BUG: Alternate tracks is showing odd behaviour (FIXED)
BUG: Black box around pin entry screen (FIXED)
BUG: Having add to queue KEY and select KEY the same didn't work on hot hits (FIXED)
BUG: Pop Up Player Controls button only hides if player is currently on screen. (FIXED)
BUG: Licence screen doesn't clear properly on attract mode (FIXED)
BUG: Small now playing image is wrong size on first load (FIXED)
BUG: Can't set a key for pop up menu (FIXED)
BUG: Key highlighting shows if key is pressed but highlighting is turned off (FIXED)
BUG: Selecting a track and using a playoptions key didn't re-focus key highlighing on albums (FIXED)
BUG: Attract mode can start while skin is loading (FIXED)
BUG: Pressing menu KEY needs to switch back to album cover screen (FIXED)
BUG: Tracklisting browse using keys doesn't work. (FIXED)
BUG: White box on small now playing screen on first load (FIXED)
BUG: Key settings for Genre and My E-Touch Didn't save (FIXED)
BUG: key settings didn't perform correctly using a key assigned to a menu button like albums (FIXED)
BUG: Compilation albums tracklisting didn't show correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Number of times played didn't show on track listing (FIXED)
BUG: If your attract mode path was invalid spin on this attract mode didn't work (FIXED)
BUG: Licence Agreement screen didn't show jukebox ID (FIXED)
BUG: Licence agreement screen didn't exit if you clicked the label (FIXED)
BUG: Top20 screen didn't page correctly with keys (FIXED)
BUG: Top20 screen didn't select the right track with keys (FIXED)
BUG: Some of the keyhighlight labels didn't set the right colour (FIXED)
BUG: Queue was not updating all the time (FIXED)
BUG: Key highlighting didn't work for mostplayed or radio (FIXED)
BUG: Save playlist label not transparent (FIXED)
BUG: When resuming the queue on load there was a bug (FIXED)
BUG: Skin loading screen was not showing on start up (FIXED)

CHANGED: Jukebox loads up and starts then loads the skin to speed up precieved loading time
CHANGED: Attract mode path now has to be entered manually
CHANGED: Credit display update improvements to increase app speed

ADDED: The Licence agreement page now shows the jukebox ID correctly.
ADDED: Page Forward and Back Keys now work on the genre screen
ADDED: Page Forward and Back Keys now work on the Top20/Hot Hits screen
ADDED: Hot Hits screen should now navigate correctly with keys
ADDED: Most Played and Hot hits can be selected as the default library
ADDED: You can now set a different library other than the default for attract mode spin on this.
ADDED: Genre screen can now be navigate by keys
ADDED: Key can be set for the pop up menu button
ADDED: E-Touch Moods
ADDED: Logged in users save their credits when they log out until they login next time
ADDED: Credit display label on MY E-Touch Screen

BUG: Align and resize don't do all of the menu buttons. (FIXED)
BUG: Shift Y doesn't move play count labels on track listing. (FIXED)
BUG: Space X/Y didn't work for menu buttons (FIXED)
BUG: Covers for quick search results wouldn't position correctly (FIXED)

ADDED: Ability to skin the new Credit Display Label on My E-Touch

Ok this should fix up the issues reported in previous V7 releases and it also has some new features.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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New here, how do I download the demo version of 7.0.07 ?

Mark Norville

Hi and welcome

This version is out of date now, so you would have to download version 10. Previous versions are no longer supported, simply because no one uses them any more, and things have changed since 10 and even 9.


I am now retired from the jukebox scene. I still visit from time to time and will help if I can, but apart from that. I am no longer a slave to downloading and tagging.