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Finally got a wireless jukebox!!!!

Started by cyko, June 07, 2011, 03:02:09 PM

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So here it is a Wireless Jukebox.....  I'm using a Asus Eee laptop as the jukebox, its a T101MT.. 1.6ghz atom processor, 2gb RAM (I upgraded the 1GB), 250GB Hard drive, and MOST IMPORTANTLY its TOUCHSCREEN!!!!.  I'm using a program called JamCast to make a Virtual Sound card, and it's connected to my PS3, which in turn is connected to my home's surround sound.   The only problem is there is a 5 second delay on the playback.... But now i have a Jukebox that i can take anywhere. 

Norman Marshall

I had that problem where i had a delay with the sound delay until i upgraded the ram to 4gig, everything is running as it should be now
Dear God, Please bring back Bob Marley, In return you can have Justin Bieber. Amen


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