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Update Batch File for config

Started by jackson010, September 06, 2011, 08:28:53 PM

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I am after a batch file for updating my config file every night.
Is there one out there.




This is what I use. Note that I only use the Audio Library.

START /WAIT "" "C:\Program Files\E-Touch Jukebox 6\config 4.exe" /DEFAULT /NEW Records

I have E-Touch set to reboot the computer every morning at 5am.  It reboots, loads any new music, and starts back up again.

I am using an old version.  Havent got around to updating in a while, as it works for me perfectly.  Hate to mess that up.

Oh, I have my Jukebox networked at the house.  I just copy any new music I rip during the day to the Music folder, and the next morning, like magic, it's in there. 

By doing it this way,  I never notice how long it takes to build the library.  In fact, I never see it build the library.  So the config seems lightning fast to me.  :D


If you want to try the newer versions you could always install them to a different directory for testing.
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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Thanks Barry.  I fully intend to. Just lazy at the moment.  I am going to install it on another computer, just finally taking some time to actaully use the Jukebox, not just tinker with it. 

Every time I install a new version, I seem to quit using it to play music, and spend all day trying out the options, and getting it the way I want it. 

But I will try it out.  Soon.