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E-Touch/Freebox Commercial Kit w/Matrix USB Bill Acceptor!!!

Started by typhoon411, July 17, 2012, 11:58:06 PM

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Just a post to all those who are interested in using a Matrix USB Bill Acceptor with E-Touch/Freebox. I spend the past 6 months researching the Matrix Bill Acceptor Unit only to find out that the company VTI that made these units was acquired by MEI and were essentially made redundant with the MEI Cashflow units. What I found pretty interesting is that the current MEI units still require a Ipac device to make them work with E-Touch/Freebox, whereas the Matrix units are DIRECTLY PLUG AND PLAY with E-Touch/Freebox!! So from there I did a bunch of research made a bunch of calls and I would up coming across a gem. I was able to bought 50 or so units of the Matrix Bill Acceptor from a kiosk company in Las Vegas. These were models that had been used in store applications or were installed in kiosks that never left the factory. Any case, I purchased all the firmware, SDKs, and appropriate cables from MEI and re-flashed all of the units to the latest firmware which supports all the newer notes in circulation internationally through 2009. I also went ahead and tested all of the units with E-Touch/Freebox and programmed the units to accept USD $1, $5, $10, $20, $50s, and $100s!

I'm selling these units as a kit at the following EBay link.  (If for some reason the auction is closed just PM me.)

All you need to do to have a working Matrix Bill Acceptor working with E-Touch/Freebox is as follows:

1. Pick up one of the kits on eBay (Satisfaction Guaranteed!)
2. Watch my included video on how to get the unit working with E-Touch/Freebox (Plug and Play)
3. Buy the Commercial Version of E-Touch/Freebox from Barry

That is it! From there there you will be able to have a fully functioning E-Touch Jukebox for your private club, basement, man cave (A Great way to save up beer Money!)  


PM me for any questions or support!




Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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