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cabnet parts for 1015

Started by Alchemist, September 07, 2012, 03:21:35 PM

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Hello, I am new to the site. I am going to build a 1015 replica with a computer for the music. My hangup is finding or making the plastic tubes around the fascia. Any ideas as to where i can get them or how to make them? It would be nice if aftermarket pieces were available. I don't know how I could bend a half round plasic tube to make the arches. And without the arches it just wouldn't be a 1015. If I can't do it I may have to make a victory or if anyone knows of a good looking machine that can be done without special peices.


Wow, that is a beautifull jukebox. Was all of the woodwork done by hand?


Hello & Welcome,
  I was challenged with the same task, homemade arch plastics.
Depending on your project's budget and your woodworking skills, it may just be easier to start off with an unrestored original Wurlitzer jukebox and purchase the reproduction plastic parts from Victory.
I didn't have the room for a full size juke. So I designed & built a mini-juke.
Check out my arched plastic construction photos, they may help... ;D