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Batch File For updating Music and Charts anyone

Started by Gaucho, March 21, 2013, 05:25:50 PM

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O.K. I have been messing around with this for a while and the abolition of autorun.inf on USB sticks has been a pain.

I saw USB flash copy which was O.K. just for updating new music but was somewhat limited.

Win 7 being a git has been a bit tough, but I think I have cracked it but needed to run two batch files, one local and one on the USB stick.

In effect I now have a script on the Juke machine that recognises when a USB stick is insterted and runs a batch file locally that then calls a seperate batch file on the USB.

Thinking about it I may have made this too complicated.

Effectively I can update the chart files in history without duplicates (which is what flash copy does) and also my chart music and add any new albums all from one USB and it runs silently.

The next thing is to run the batch file to run config. I have this seperate in the run box in etouch itself as well as in my start up folder. This is because I want to do the updates without shutting down the jukebox if it is currently being used. It can then be run at the next start or wait until the queue has finished and run it from within etouch.

I'll upload the scripts, batch files and instructions after a bit more testing. This is also an ideal solution if you have several jukes you need to update, bang in the usb stick and hey presto job done with little/no user input.

At the moment I have this rigged for an installation of etouch in the root of C: but it should be easy to edit for standard installations.

Off to practice on another machine now and will revert back.


O.K. all tested and functional.

Folder contains:
(script to run batch file silent)

(this assumes usb stick is recognised as I: and at the moment just updates the chart files and loads new music. You will also need to edit the destination paths as it is obviously based on my machine. This can of course be edited to include more functions and of course change the drive letter assigned to the USB stick. If you are using the same stick on various machines you can either alter the batch file for each machine or in WIN7 you can allocate a drive letter to the USB stick under disk management in administrative tools).

(This script should be placed in your start up folder so it launches with your PC. This will automatically recognise when a USB stick is inserted and points to the batch/vbs file to run on insertion. At the moment it assumes the files are located in c:\etouch jukebox 8\).

This is my solution for an idiot proof and hands off way of updating a jukebox where all you have to do is insert your USB.

The incentive behind this is commercial applications where you could up date several sites with the minimum of fuss or even have a third party run round doing it for you.

The only down side I can think of is if your jukebox isn't secure someone may be able to load other stuff via USB but only if they know your file structure and contents of your batch file.

As an after thought, does anyone know if you can use a device name in a batch file rather than a drive letter. It would negate having to change the batch file or drive letter allocation for different machines.


Right forget the etouch_usb script, for some reason it will not launch every time.

Found the attached which seems to be more reliable and is easy to configure.


I'll give it a try and later post feedback, wicked idea mate!! :beer