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what is the best file structure for etouch music and cover art

Started by yartz, March 18, 2013, 06:01:43 AM

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Hi there I'm new to etouch and have a few questions, the first of which is

what is the best file structure for etouch music and cover art?
Currently my mp3 collection is just in a folder called mp3s and what ever cover art I have is in the same folder when i run etouch config it finds 155 albums but when I run etouch all I get is white squares with lable numbers and not tract titles or album titles the pony way to find music is to use the search function the add to play list.

My next question is I can't get the db to update after I add new mp3s I tried to update and it said no new music found?
Is there something I'm missing a step in the process I am missing.

Thanks in advance  :-)


you need to do a bit of RTFM

but it's along the lines




Thanks mxd for your help B-) , any idea on the database update problem


If you have all your mp3's in one folder this will probably by why it's not finding anything new. You need one folder per album with it's cover art in, i think media monkey can be used to organise your mp3's into folders. I think tag & Rename will also it with the renaming function, both of these will save you a lot of time over doing it manually. The majority of software will want you music organised in some manor to function properly.
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thanks very much will download these tools now hopefully fix my problems.