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Still having problems with covers

Started by stevaside, July 18, 2013, 04:40:44 AM

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Hi....thanks alot for the replies to my previous post a while back. Sorry it took me so long to come back here, wound up having issues with my old laptop completely...but recently spent a huge amount of time organizing/tagging my mp3s, getting them all ready to try with E-Touch on the PC I'm now using......I'm experiencing 2 different problems now while trying to set it up....Once I run config, I checked "copy & rename 1st cover found", assuming this would rename all artwork in all folders to cover.jpg, and therefore I'd be good to go.  Once it finished scanning, I ran the program but noticed only a small amount of my mp3s did the artwork show up for...turns out for each one that did, it also created a coversmall.jpg file, but for some reason didn't do that to the vast majority of my collection, only a few......So I went back & this time checked "generate image thumbnails" scanned all of them again, confirmed how many files it found, then in the middle of seeing the cover images scanned a window popped up with a "Run-time error 53 file not found" & it crashed....Now NOTHING was visible when opening the program...all songs/covers are missing & the square in the upper left corner that should display a cover/song is all white....

Can someone please help me out? I've been so anxious to start using this program & I'm so close lol



..I unistalled, reinstalled....still get the same runtime error & crash when the "generate image thumbnails" is checked...but i noticed that alot more of my folders for individual albums & songs now had a coversmall.jpg in them...I set up config again, this time without checking the " generate image thumbnails" or "copy & rename 1st cover found" & restarted the program...Over half of my songs, artwork is showing up for now I'd say, but there are still alot that never got renamed/coversmall.jpgs created for them and are not...a couple folders in particular, all subfolders seemed to be skipped even,...the songs are playable but no artwork nor did they have any cover.jpg/coversmall.jpg made.....Couple other things I figured I should mention was that each time I tried running the config when 1st setting up E-Touch without checking the image thumbnail option, after all was scanned I got another error message that said "application not found:etouch6.exe" (I dont get that, I'm using version 7????)  and finally...quite a bit of the artwork in the program showed pieces of my desktop in the image instead of the actual album cover..and sometimes was a mixture of both the intended cover & what looked like screecaps of my desktop! (weird lol) like screenshot of my taskbar or home page was what I was seeing for album artwork as I was scrolling down my music list in the program....


Ok to make the coversmall.jpg you need to have the option checked... You are getting an error because it is hitting a cover.jpg that isn't actually a jpg... It has the wrong extension, you can find out which one by looking where the last coversmall was generated and it will the album after that.

The etouch6 not found error is because of the path you have in config to launch e-touch when config completes.

The thumbnail generation is not the best it does indeed screen cap the boxes it shows you if you have something open over the top it will grab that. You are best to let it do it's think undisturbed or use a 3rd party app to make the coversmall.jpgs
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Thank you! That makes alot of sense...After scanning an additional couple times, now almost all my mp3s show artwork in E-Touch, and most that don't it looks like I had a different file format then .jpg as the image...All the other weird stuff stopped showing up this point I just have a couple simple changes to make & Ill be good...I am extremely happy with this program..and intend to never touch WMP, Itunes, etc ever again hahaha....I've seen quite a few other jukebox style apps out there & E-Touch blows them out of the water...It's SO close to the look & feel of a bar jukebox, it's unreal!..I realized there's a time limitation but I have no problem paying for it to be full functional...Couple questions tho, I think I saw somewhere that there was a version 8 out already?? Also the $25 ....does paying that get you the updated versions when they are released as well?



It's $35 and that will get you all the V8 releases and previous releases but not V9 should that ever come out. $70 gets you all future versions V9, V10 etc and also gets you access to the beta and some exclusive skins.

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