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HOW TO: Songfacts

Started by Barcrest, April 16, 2009, 01:09:52 PM

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What is it?
This will display pop up facts for the track currently playing. There can be upto 5 facts for each song.

How To?
Here is a database to get you started.

Song Fact Database

You need to extract this into the same directory as your E-touch jukebox install. If it finds a match for artist and track it will display the facts on the now playing screen or second screen on a dual monitor setup.

To edit the database and add your own facts you can use the Song Fact Builder, which is installed as part of the E-Touch install. Feel free to share any updates on this site and I will add them to the file.
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haven't really used this but wouldn't mind doing
like fanart does anybody have a collection to share


This would be great for videos as well.  Would it be easier just to get the facts from the comment tag?


i use tag and rename which sometimes gives you some infoe
is it possible to load that infoe into the builder


barry got a collection of jingles if you want to load them on here


I have just installed the newest 8.0.04.  The only issue I have is that I don't want the Songfacts to show at this time.  I can't see anything in the settings (except the LED sign settings) about turning off Songfacts.  I'm sure I could delete the info in the file/folders, but I might want to use them at some point...


Barry I'm trying to get this to work but it seems to work when it wants to.  How am I supposed to set this up.  I build a songfact but it doesn't pop up.  And on hotel california it pops up sometimes not all the time. Any ideas?  Do I need to have a certain setting in wmp.


As long as you have the songfacts file it should work, but it does look for an exact match on artist and track so you might need to check that.
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Yeah I got it working thanks.  I had two spaces instead of one between a word in the title that was the whole thing.  Works great!!! :beer


I might have to give this a try


Can we get a new link of the song fact data base or could someone send me a base file so I can try it? Thanks