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Control your PC's master volume setting

Started by kremmit, December 17, 2007, 05:02:37 AM

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Found this while looking at the main site for that NirCmd utility kizer just linked up.

Lets you use the scroll wheel on your mouse to control the master output volume from Windows.  Now, probably not many of us will have a scroll mouse attached to our cabs, but it's not hard to crack open a cheap mouse and hack the scroll wheel so you can attach it to any knob you want, and Blammo!- Instant volume knob. 

I just tested this, and you can configure it so the scroll wheel only controls the volume at certain times, like when you press a button or have the cursor in the screen corner or have WMP running, or about a brazillion other things.  Or, you can set it for "when no button or key is pressed", which is perfect if you're building a dedicated volume knob for a juke.

Arcade dorks with an Opti-Wiz from GroovyGameGear can make use of this by connecting their spinner to the Z-axis on the Opti-Wiz.  Turn your cab's spinner into a volume knob, how handy is that?


I was just looking for something like that a while back. Thanks for the post. I was going to relocate my amp volume control, now I can just gut a cheap mouse like you said.

Good find.  ;D
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)