Current Full E-Touch Version: 10.2.0
Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 22 (09/02/23)

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V9.0.18 Demo Released

Started by Barcrest, October 28, 2015, 04:24:23 PM

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Main App:
BUG: Spin on this attract mode appeared to run twice each time (FIXED)
BUG: Attract mode had an issue since the introduction of cross fading (FIXED)
BUG: Attract mode wasn't working properly due to clear filter on attract mode start code (FIXED)
BUG: Second LED sign wasn't displaying the correct information (FIXED)
BUG: LED Signs were not working correctly (FIXED)
BUG: Second screen wouldn't display properly using manual and full screen (FIXED)
BUG: Request tried to email even if online settings were turned off (FIXED)
BUG: When going from a chart containing more entries to one with less the more button still paged through the full list (FIXED)
BUG: If chart was an odd number last spaces were filled with other chart info (FIXED)
BUG: Movement gif files were only correct for the first 10 entries (FIXED)
BUG: If artist name contained THE at the start there were issues matching with chart (FIXED)
BUG: Chart label says 0-10, should be 1-10 (FIXED)
BUG: More button showed for chart if it showed previously and new chart not found (FIXED)
BUG: Led sign issue with non ascii characters (FIXED)
BUG: When using animate on/off for pages they can become mis aligned (FIXED)
BUG: Picking genre doesn't always pick the right genre (FIXED)
BUG: Play options didn't use animation settings if show play options on single track was selected (FIXED)
BUG: animations could restart on click messing up the page position (FIXED)
BUG: Chart search doesn't remove "The" if less than 8 chars
BUG: Animation style for album covers/attract didn't show what as selected on reload
BUG: Animation on for tracklisting didn't work but it did animate off (FIXED)
BUG: Hide quick jump covers also hides the page up/down buttons (FIXED)
BUG: Betabrite only showed Artist not track (FIXED)
BUG: If artist had THE in the middle of the name it wouldn't match for charts (FIXED)
BUG: Artists starting with THE didn't show video availbe when selected (FIXED)
BUG: COV file still showed genre and year labels for albums if disabled in skin (FIXED)
BUG: Candyman COV files didn't work with any libraries other than Audio (FIXED)
BUG: History charge would show previous image for a chart position if song wasn't found (FIXED)
BUG: images didn't load correctly for some album covers on some screens FIXED
BUG: Ordering was off on the queue screen, album cover is no on top of text (FIXED)
BUG: In dual screen mode the video player still showed on the now playing screen on the main screen (FIXED)
BUG: Credit label was updating ever second even if the credits hadn't changed or in free play (FIXED)
BUG: TTS When loading didn't state the correct venue from the options screen (FIXED)
BUG: SWF Attract only worked if there were images in the same path (FIXED)
BUG: SWF attract didn't use the setting for random or cycle (FIXED)
BUG: Credits display was wrong when first loaded. (FIXED)

CHANGED: Credit label now shows .5 as 0.5 etc
CHANGED: Dragging the slider for jump to letter now updates when you release as it was too slow in real time.
CHANGED: Total re-write of the attract mode system so now all options should work correctly.
CHANGED: Jump to letter scroller now updates page in real time
CHANGED: A lot of code clean up and optimizing, this is ongoing for the next release
CHANGED: Second screen code when using manual will display correctly on second screen if using e-touch windowed
CHANGED: World Charts should now search and display much quicker than before
CHANGED: Small optimisation to the chart loading and matching code.
CHANGED: Animation now support values less than 1 such as 0.5 if 1 was too fast still
CHANGED: Genre page animation should match the album screen paging for speed now even if it's a smaller page such as if it is set to always on
CHANGED: The animation slider now should let you all find a usable speed, try 8 and work around there.

ADDED: Separate check to enable animations only for attract mode.
ADDED: Animation support for the confirmation screen.
ADDED: All other animation styles can now be applied per screen to really give some eye candy.
ADDED: Labels to show the chart position in the world history charts
ADDED: More button to the world charts screen for charts with more than 10 entries
ADDED: More debug information to chart searching routine when using /d switch
ADDED: Can now page by any amount of covers
ADDED: Ability to turn off intellisearch
ADDED: Basic TTS added, no config for it yet it just uses the 2 files in the TTS folder. Hopefully there is enough there to see if it is even worth developing further.
ADDED: Ability to specify the CREDITS: prefix text

REMOVED: Unused animation speed slider on animations page
REMOVED: Support for PRE files now dropped and code removed. I don't think anyone used them anyway.

BUG:Grab player image saved the wrong path in the skin.ini file (FIXED)
BUG: top_20_v2.ini didn't save the image paths (FIXED)
BUG: COV file still showed genre and year labels for albums if disabled in skin (FIXED)
BUG: Pop up jump to letter button didn't show if screen navigation not album was set (FIXED)
BUG: Shift X and Shift Y buttons didn't work for pop up jump to letter screen (FIXED)
BUG: Play Options Button images paths didn't save (FIXED)
BUG: Make same size didn't work for label on load playlist screen (FIXED)
BUG: Quickjump artist labels didn't show (FIXED)
BUG: Some tracks didn't show on load (FIXED)
BUG: Some skins didn't show up to be selected when loading (FIXED)

ADDED: More button to the world charts screen for charts with more than 10 entries
ADDED: Labels to show the chart position in the world history charts
ADDED: Added a value for cover flow, this is the amount of covers to page

BUG: Band tag was used as track artist tag as well if enabled (FIXED)
BUG: Band tag was used as track artist tag as well if enabled for videos (FIXED)
BUG: Logs, Banners and Bios were saving to the wrong place due to some older test code (FIXED)

Non MP3 Tagger:
BUG: Tag all from filename didn't work like taf from filename (FIXED)

ADDED: Folderize, which copies the videos to folders based on artist name - album name.

Error Trapped Release

This brings the demo inline with the much improved V9.0.18
Keep on Rocking in the Free World \m/ ;D\m/

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