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Music videos, tagging & adding to library

Started by steviaceevia, September 26, 2015, 05:10:17 PM

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Quote from: Mark Norville on October 21, 2015, 10:33:41 AM
Switch to full screen to get a better resolution, but not many options you need to change from default settings

Part 1 : You Tube Downloader

Part 2 : MP3 Tag and import

Part 2 is a bit longer than I wanted as some things never worked how I wanted and some programs decided to go slow.

The last part of the video was importing into eTouch and also Kodi.

Hopefully this helps and shows that it can be done, once you have followed the guide step by step and got the correct settings in then it is very easy and quick.


I watched all of 1st video & reinstalling the classic version fixed the no sound problem

So is it possible to use mp3 tag to create NFOs for all my videos based on tags I set within it to use in Kodi or E-Touch ? (Im guessing you might show that later on in the 2nd video)Would be alot easier than writing them each by hand one by one in notepad

Mark Norville

Yippee you now have sound lol

Yep the second video is regarding MP3 Tag and creating info files, this will take a bit of work but not much, just a bit of reading and understanding, and then copying and pasting what I have posted so for example

Copy and paste this and call it something like Music Video - eTouch. All the fields will be put in for you, I will show you the output


This is what it will look like once you have exported it using MP3 Tag

   <Artist>One Direction</Artist>
   <Band>One Direction</Band>
   <Genre>Pop Music</Genre>

When you export it takes the %artists% and then inserts the name of the group from the tag file and inserts that name into the file that eTouch reads. As soon as you have managed to set that up, then from then on it is easy as pie to do as many videos as you can do at once.

E.G say you have a directory called 2 Unlimited and have 10 videos you can say that the genre is dance music for each and every file, and you can do 10 videos in next to no time, but you will need to export each song which is the only thing that MP3 Tag doesn't do at the moment which is batch export for every file, which would be brilliant.

The main thing now is really to read the guide and get an idea of how to do this from the video, just take your time and relax and go in thinking that I can do this, and I will do it. Do not go in with a closed mind thinking that I cannot do it, as now you are one step closer than you was before.



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