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Touch screen moduals for 17 inch monitors

Started by Thatoneguydavid, February 19, 2008, 05:31:38 PM

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if i order 10 they charge 55 a piece with no shipping charge.

other than that its the "sample" purchase of only one.


If you got 10 of these orders would they ship to your address or to the individual buyers? would it be extra for uk shipping? Also can i ask you what format the overlays are in (16:9 aspect ratio, or 4:3 standard display format) cheers


if i get 10 order they will all ship to my work. (i am buying them threw my company) then i would have to repackage and ship them to those who ordered them.

i know it is complicated. but that is the only way to get them at such a cheep price.  if i order 10 or more, they don't charge international shipping.

it will have to be a gentleman's(woman's) agreement to make this order, as i do not know how much it will cost to ship the units.  inside the US will not be a problem, they are not very heavy and they will already be packaged well.

as i have said before, i can not afford to just make an order for 10 by my self. So i will need a portion of front money, and a promise from each who orders, to pay for individual shipping charges.

sorry this is so complicated.