Author Topic: Jukebox does not advance to next song when song playing reaches it's end  (Read 700 times)

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I have not been on for quite a while. 

My box is running 5.0.22

I started playing it and when the track playing reached the end of the song, it just stayed there and did not go to the next song in the queue.  There are a bunch waiting in the queue.

The upper right of the jukebox was displaying the song (NOW PLAYING) that just finished playing and the progress indicator was all the way to the right showing it played the full length of the song.

I hit the forward arrow and NOTHING.  Still stuck there.

I selected an other album and chose a track and hit PLAY IT NOW, and the track played.  Then the box stopped again at the end of the track.

Any ideas?   

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As you are a life time subscriber, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version. The reason why I say this for as a lot of bug fixes have been made especially since version 5 and no one uses 5, so the support you will have will be very limited.

You will not have a bug fix for your version. The only real person who might be able to help is Barry on this one.


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As Mark says you should be running the latest version before we can do any trouble shooting.
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