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Karaoke file location and file types

Started by DUBious, August 25, 2020, 04:54:59 PM

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Firstly, just want to say, I've used the search function and read every post about karaoke, none explain the basics, I've also looked through every folder of my v10.2.1 install and can find nothing in the way of documentation or explanations on how to do (What I would consider to be) the basics, and whilst most of it seems pretty straightforward, somethings are not. Point in question.

1- where do I create the file structure for karaoke files
2- I have a few hundred mp3 + cdg files, do these need to be in separate folders
3- where is the karaoke config / set up ? (I have extracted the karaoke files already from the initial install of etouch)

Appreciate my help, and ideally a point in the direction of any help files, I've read every page of both the tutorials / faq as well as other sections and have so far found nothing substantial in the way of help / installation files. And whilst the forum is great, I'd rather be more self sufficient.

Mark Norville

You need MP3's in one folder, karaoke in another and music videos in another.

In the three odd posts that I have tried to answer on the same subject, you make no mention of what operating system you are using.

I have already answered or tried to answer your posts so I do not want to repeat the same information again, so you will have to read those.

Did I mention that it is 05:41?



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Set the karaoke in it's own DB. Under Karaoke. If you select this in E-Touch this is the DB that will be searched.
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