Author Topic: Newbie with some questions about demo  (Read 45 times)

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Newbie with some questions about demo
« on: August 02, 2020, 10:39:45 AM »
Hi, decided to try this out before I commit to a purchase as Iím torn between touchjams and this. In the v10 demo version, is it normal to not have the album art showing ? Also, when a song is playing, Iím not seeing any controls to stop it. One other thing I noticed, despite having 30 ish albums loaded, they do not show up on the main screen, and the scroll left or right jumps missing letters and albums out. I know the albums are loaded as they do show up in the search function. Appreciate any help / advice before I make my final decision on which system to purchase.

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Re: Newbie with some questions about demo
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 11:44:05 AM »
So Iíve had a play around with some of the settings, and by changing the skin, and selecting first image found, it does indeed show the album covers, but still very limited artist info despite all my albums being tagged using mp3tag and musicbrainz.
It is a tad annoying having to go into settings to shut down though (Using the power off option) for some reason, the red x in the top right of the window does not close either the program or the window.... Iíd like to be able to minimise it.
FYI, Iím using windows 10 with latest updates on a Levono aio touchscreen.

I have no added any videos or karaoke or radio stations yet, so Iím assuming that when I select those options in the lower menu, nothing happens. Can someone confirm that is due to me having no content assigned for those categories.

Overall, I am getting there, but there does seem to be a steep learning curve rather then the initial demo being already useable and polished.

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Re: Newbie with some questions about demo
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2020, 11:34:31 AM »
For best results with your covers I have them set up as follows,


This means my cover_small image can be about 160x160 for album paging to help keep that speedy and the larger one is shown on now playing and album track listing. If you click the larger one on the album track listing it will swap to back.jpg if found so you can view the back cover.

The Karaoke and Video categories are 2 separate DB's. You build them separately. I suggest always using config in the advanced mode as you can specify far more options. In the config in advanced mode it will show the details for the currently loaded library as well. You can see the artists here and it may help you work out why you are not seeing artist information. I am guessing it is because it is seeing them as compilation albums (If the artist name isn't the same for all tracks on an album it will be the case that it is treated as compilation album). For Feat artist I add this to the title to keep the artist name the same across the album.

Hopefully there are some pointers there to assist you.
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Re: Newbie with some questions about demo
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2020, 04:01:36 PM »

Welcome to the forums. I am going to give you my honest point of view on etouch and touchjams.

Etouch - Negative it has a slight learning curve to it. Positive far better skins and far better skin tool to make your own skins, have a look at the skins section to see what has been made.

Touch jams - Negative the same skin same colours. Positive the chart feature is great

I have spent a lot of money on various touch screen jukebox software.

Etouch is without doubt the best out there if you want an actual jukebox proper style jukebox experience.

I HATED DESPISED etouch when I first tried it on version 7 I think it was, I wanted to love it, however, it would not work properly out of the box, a bit like the experience you are having. I spent hundreds on other software, and because I had the spare money I brought etouch on version 9 and have never looked back.

I will post to the skins section and include a couple of my video demo's of skins, so this post will be edited to include these.

Skin section

My skin demos to show you what you can produce (a lot of crap) or

As you can see from the videos, they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT skins and resolutions. If you can skin, then you can create ANYTHING that you want. 



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