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Videos and Music together

Started by Nitromos, March 29, 2021, 01:26:04 PM

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Hi all, This is my first post so please be understanding, I have manage to do a small database of albums and put them all in a folder (music) I have got some Videos and put them in there own separate folder in a parent folder call Videos, When I press videos on Etouch (10) the songs still all come up in the lists?? I have gone into Config10 and set up generate music in C:\music and generate videos in c:\Videos Am i doing something stupidly wrong??? :'( :'(
Kind Rgds Dave


Just to clarify. You are generating your libraries separately, first videos, then music, right? And you are generating the libraries only on the sub folders, not the top directory? Also, you are generating and not updating, correct?


MUSIC                  <don't point any directories here to build.
    VIDEOS            <point video directory here.
        VIDEO 1
        VIDEO 2
     MUSIC             <point music directory here.
         SONG 1
         SONG 2


As Cary said you need to make sure the media isn't in a sub folder of other media.

Also make sure you restart the config after building one library before building the other.
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Ill give it a go, but the directory structure looks the same, Thx
Kind Rgds Dave


Kind Rgds Dave