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Album Artist tag functionality

Started by tomruffner, May 25, 2021, 08:24:27 PM

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I can not seem to get the Use ALBUM ARTIST Tag functionality to work.  I have all tracks for an album populated with an identical album artist tag.  If there are featured artists on a track, I list all in the track's artist tag, separated by semicolon.  When I generate the library for just this album to isolate and test and I check "Use ALBUM ARTIST tag", the result is that no artist value is obtained.  When I generate and do not use that option, the result is that "Various Artists" becomes the artist name.  These files are mp3, but I have tried with similar results using flac files as well.  I am using the latest 10.2.1 Beta 10 (03/04/21).  I'm certain this worked the last time I loaded my library with an old version, several years ago.  I've tried to follow the discussion on other posts and am not sure if it has been disabled, or if it is meant to work only with certain types of files.  If that feature is supressed, is there a last known version where it does work?  Or can I somehow overwrite the results by manually editing and reimporting (the edit tools appear to dump an album file, but I can't find a resulting exported file anywhere).  Thanks!


Let me look at this for you, it might be that it isn't reading in the album artist tag. When you have that set is the album artist listed as blank?
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Yes, in this case, for all tracks, the album artist tag is populated as "CamelPhat".  Each individual track has the artist tag populated like "CamelPhat; Noel Gallagher".  There is different behavior when I check and uncheck the "Use Album Artist tag" box in the config, however, in neither case does it appear to read the album artist tag.  The result either has no artist value populated in the resulting library (this is when I have the option selected)--and I am hoping it can say "CamelPhat".  Or, when I de-select the option, the resulting Artist is "Various Artists".  I hope that makes sense.  Thanks for looking into it!