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Started by sgc1, October 25, 2021, 09:35:48 AM

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Hi is there Demo software with a vertical screen theme available to try as I am converting a Nsm Evolution cabinet to a digital juke box and the standard demo dosent fit on the screen.


There is at least one vertical skin I made a while ago when i had access to a vertical screen. It isn't upto date in terms of features though and would need some work. I think some others have made vertical skins that are also on here in the skins section but they might be in the private section.
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Thanks I will drop a PM

Mark Norville

Tel aka Berrywell has released a vertical screen, I think it is in the download section.

I did start a vertical one years ago, but never really finished it, if I can find the skin I will edit this post.

However, this was a skin demo of what I was working on, I do have it on a hard drive somewhere, but I have not used my jukebox in years now, and most of my hard drives have been reclaimed for emulation and movies.

Give me a couple of mins and I will try and find it

You can find it here called e hub. However, it depends upon the size of your monitor, when I tried it on my 32 inch vertical it was overstretched, but when you try it on a smaller vertical monitor, it looks outstanding, two totally different looks.



Yes I am still floating around lol, 8 TB hard drive for more emulation just installed ;)
I am now retired from the jukebox scene. I still visit from time to time and will help if I can, but apart from that. I am no longer a slave to downloading and tagging.