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Current Demo E-Touch Version: 10.0.0
Current Beta: 10.2.1 Beta 18 (23/10/21)

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Newly added albums not showing up in Jukebox

Started by Pinball, April 19, 2022, 11:43:24 PM

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I reinstalled E-Touch into a C:\ Etouch 10 directory

I am running the Jukebox and Config 10 as administrator

I added 3 albums to the Music Folder, along with Cover and Coversmall jpg art files.

In Config 10 , I can see the Music Folder and the newly added ACDC album, as well as the 2 newly added Micheal Jackson albums.

When I run the Config and then start the jukebox, neither of the 3 albums show up on the screen.

I assume something is not tagged properly.

Am I missing something?

Is there some automated way to just point at the Music directory and have it grab and tag everything properly?

The same with cover art:  I just created a new directory with about 100 new albums. Do I really need to go manually with an album art program and grab cover art one by one for each of these albums?  The program I am using creates the art image and saves it with  the name "Folder" and not "Cover". 

There should be a way to point a utility at the music folder and have it find art for each album and create the Cover and Cover small jpg files.

Not a programmer.. Frustrated in Florida.  Nothing is easy...