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Started by sgc1, July 06, 2022, 08:58:13 PM

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Hi have switched on my juke box tonight random song started as normsl then nothing it stops when I put several songs in my playlist it plays the 1st one then stops and no more until I manually select again.
I have  random play set up and  animation but even that has stopped
Same on videos will only play 1.
Any ideas please.


It's okay have done a Fresh install.


Hi again have done a fresh install but still have the same issue will only play either 1 song or video then stops will not play the quee.
Have I got a setting wrong.


Need to know what your settings are for random play and attract mode.  Possibly a combination of settings in these to screens are causing the jukebox to try and play something that isn't there.  Also, and I'm sure you know this, but all the .exe files in the Etouch directory have to be run as admin, and the Etouch directory has to be installed outside of the programs folder, such as in the C: directory.


Does it play user added songs fine?

Do you have crossfade set? Try turning that off.

If it is random I suspect you might have the queue restricted to not have duplicates or the same artist and so it stuck in a loop trying to find a song to play.

You can also check the logs and see what is in there.
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