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Jukebox occasionally hangs at end of a song

Started by Pinball, May 14, 2023, 01:30:23 PM

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I have the jukebox running on Windows XP   E-Touch V 10.1.8

More and more now, the Jukebox occasionally hangs at end of a song.  It may play 5 or 6 songs perfectly and then when it gets to the end of a song, the song ends, the progress bar at the top of the screen is over to the Right and the box just sits there.

Sometimes by selecting another album and song and Hitting Play mine Next, it will start again.

We had a party yesterday and it hung at the end of a song a number of times.

One time when I went over to try and fix it, the skin appeared to be shrunken about 20%. I could see the Windows desk top and icons and wallpaper on the left side of the screen.  Also the skin was shifted down and I could net then adjust the volume, (as the volume slider was below the bottom edge of the screen).

I re-booted the box and it filled the screen again.

I don't know if this size and shift of skin is related to the hanging at the end of the song or if it is a separate issue.   

I do not play the box much, but when I do I want it to play as it should. 


Randy in sunny Florida


I had something like this happening to me a few times a while ago.  Turns out that E-Touch doesn't like certain characters to be in the ID Tag information.  I never figured out exactly which characters cause the problem, but the one that I am sure about is the - (DASH) character.  Not the normal one, but ones found in the extended ASCII code table. ASCII codes 128 and above. 

Anyway, the best way to fix this to edit the problem MP3/FLAC file with your preferred ID-Tag editor and replace any dashes with normal ones. Again, this might not be your problem, but it was for me.  Seems like when you rip a cd and the program gets the metadata from the web, some of it contains extended ASCII characters, and E-Touch really just likes the standard ASCII codes. (0-127).

I found all the instances of - in ID TAGS, edited them by replacing the dash with a normal one, saved the edited music file and the rebuilt the E-Touch library and tried playing the song again.  This corrected it every time.  Again, not sure which characters seemd to be the problem, but the dash seemed to a common one.  Maybe just editing and saving the ID tag works.  Not sure but at least try. When editing, look for any non common characters and just repace them. 

Hope this helps.   


There is a tool linked on here somewhere that you can run against your mp3 library that will flag up and allow you to fix bad mp3 files. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but i ran my library through that and it solved a lot of issues.

As I said I also recommend using the latest beta as that has a lot of bug fixes in it.
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In will try that tool if you can point me at it when you remember..


It was on one of your posts from 2009, I just searched through and found this thred.

MP3Val seems to be the tool that will identify bad MP3's
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