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ClickBeat... An mouse driving ddr game.

Started by spacefractal, March 20, 2007, 05:13:57 PM

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Since the lastest version should work very good on a cabinet, and it only use mouse and left mouse button (click only). ETC it should work pretty good on a touch screen, but I dosent have one my self.

So how do the game perform on a touch screen?

Would it been good to add a feature to launch a third party applications, like we can do with most FE?

NB. Im are just fan of this game and not a developer of it (I released 2 songs to been use with it).


Hey thats pretty slick. Felt like I was playing dance dance revolution or something.
I'm not around 100% so please feel free to PM if you need direct help. Trust me I'm not ignoring you in a post. ;)