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No album art work or artist ?

Started by grahamdvd, February 07, 2009, 11:43:52 PM

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I have installed Freebox jukebox, set my libery to my music folder, ripped a few albums using windows media player, but it says they are not tagged or there are no album art, it comes up with the track listings but not the artist or album artwork ?


You need to tag your albums using an appropriate tagging program. You also need to rip the audio into MP3 files. I suggest using AUDIOGRABBER as that is now free and pretty quick.
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hey i have a fix for the artwork not showing up properly... its a simple batch file that will pull it from the tag and made an actual jpeg file called "cover.jpg" in each album folder.... e-mail me and i will send it to you.

your welcome


Can you not just post the bat here?
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SOLVED!  I also had an issue with e-touch not finding the JPG files that already existed in my folder structure.  I have been good about my ID3 tags for many years using musicmatch, then itunes, then WMP, and now mostly VMC, so I know that there are JPF files (called "folder.jpg") there (and you know that too if the album art shows up when you're navigating the folders in windows explorer).  The problem is that e-touch config will not find these JPG files when it builds your library UNLESS you change the attributes on the files (which are always by default marked as HIDDEN and as SYSTEM files).

A quick and easy way to solve the problem here is to, at a dos command prompt (Start > Run > "cmd"), navigate to wherever you keep your music (e.g., c:\users\documents\music or whatever), then type "attrib -h -s *.jpg /s" (without the quotation marks of course).  The -h makes the files NOT hidden, and the -s makes the files NOT marked as system files which are always hidden.

Above is how I did it, then I just told the e-touch config to look for "folder.jpg" and rename/resize to 170x170 for "cover.jpg" (which is the filename it looks for), and it can already do this automatically while it builds your database).

Now that I look at it again, you probably don't need to navigate at all, just get a command line and type "attrib -h -s c:\users\documents\music\*.jpg /s"

I hope this helps someone out there!  I just discovered this software recently when I started thinking about building a living-room jukebox.  Found a cheap ELO touchscreen on ebay (no cables, no bezel), installed software and started playing around last night.  Uh oh, this might get to be another project.  My wife HATES my projects!