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HOW TO: Fordman's E-Touch Search Tutorial

Started by fordman, May 06, 2009, 02:30:19 AM

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E-Touch Search Tutorial

Say you know the name of a song, but you dont know who sings it. You know the singer and the song, but just not the album. You know the singer, but not the song.

E-Touch has 3 ways to find the song your looking for.

As with the other tutorials, the intructions are Below the graphic.

To perform a search, on the upper left side choose the 'Search' button.

You can now search for the 'Track','Artist' or 'Album'.

We will select the 'Track' button.

We use the on-screen keyboard to type in the 'track' name. After we do so, in the middle-right you see a 'Go Search button'. Click the 'Go search' button.

NOTE: When searching, try to avoid using single words like 'the' & 'and'. You will get many results by just using those words alone.

You now see the track you were looking for. Just tap the album cover and it will take you to the play options screen we saw in the previous tutorial. If you dont want to select the track, you have other options. You can select 'New Search','Add All To Queue' or just select the 'Back' button.

We will select 'New Search'

Now we will select the 'Artist' buton.

again, using the keyboard, type in the artist name, then hit the 'Go Search' button.

You now see all the songs that performed by the Artist within your library. Again, you have the options on the left or you can select a single song. it's up to you.

We will choose the 'New Search' button.

We now choose the 'Album' button.

Again, we use the on-screen keyboard to search for an album name.

NOTE: When you get a large library, you might want to avoid searching 'Greatest Hits', 'Best of' or 'Essential'. You may end up with lots of results.

Again ,you have the options to the left or you can scroll through the songs and select the one you want.

If you read the NOTE: above you will see that the search will find any song on an album with the word 'Hits' in the ID3 tag. this could take a while to find what your looking for, so be a little more specific if possible.

Thats it for the search Tutorial.

Next up: The 'Options' Tutorial. The real meat & potato's of E-Touch!

Coming soon!