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Attract on external monitor

Started by gigabiter, March 17, 2011, 07:44:59 PM

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Hi all.

I have my system setup on a touch screen cabinet and have an external monitor which plays the video's and the built in visualizations.  Is there an option or a way to allow the attract screens to appear on the external monitor rather than on the now playing screen?  If not, would this be a good feature to be implemented?

Obviously not when a video is playing but just when an audio track is playing.

Many thanks





Yeah that will be a great feature espeacially for commercial use. :beer


I use wallpaper changer to rotate adds on the second screen and it works very well.
Wallpaperchanger or wallpaperrotater is a freeware utility. You can just Google it.


Thanks coffee I'll try that out. :beer


Here is similar solution to coffees.  It is a freeware program called FastStone Image Viewer.  It is actually an image viewing program, but it does some nice slideshows from a directory of images.  It allows you to adjust the time, and transition effects.  The cool thing I like is that you can tell it you only want the slideshow to show up on your second monitor.  So you can control the program from your main monitor, then turn the slide show on and it will display on the second monitor.

Just thought I would mention it.



many thanks for the replies.  Will try these out  ;D