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Volume Leveling Videos

Started by Thalfura, July 30, 2011, 04:53:01 AM

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering what everyone is using to volume lvl all their music videos. Need to do mine but would prefer a simple program that will do an entire directory at a time.



i convert all mine to mp4 then use mp3gain

Norman Marshall

Quote from: jukejohn on July 30, 2011, 10:54:31 AM
i convert all mine to mp4 then use mp3gain
Does this normalize them all?
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yes go on to mp3gain web and gives you directions to add acc gain to mp3gain
mp4s use acc for audio and it works spoton


ok so what are you using to convert your video files. mine are all.flv atm. need something that can batch convert keeping file names and tags in place.



all this works really well but it doesn't keep my "non mp3" tags in place. Not going to be fun retagging 2k songs. ave you found a way to keep your tags or did you do them all manually.


i did them manualy with non mp3 tagger i also do mine as a single file
not albums which is easyer and just tick box for single play in etouch

dont recall any of my tagging been damaged through mp3gain

a nice level is 93db but thats personal choice


I vote this get stickied in the FAQ forum